A communication barrier can be very frustrating especially when you are travelling. Overcoming this barrier is a must so as to through enjoy your vacation like finding the best restaurants to eat, the best clubs to dance or even a great hotel or BnB to stay in. While English language is on of the top three languages spoke in the world, behind Chinese and Spanish, there are only about 27.5% of the countries that have English as their official language. For someone who travels frequently, even if you don’t, there is a chance you would eventually find yourself in a country where you don’t understand a word.

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This might be quite an uphill task to overcome. Finding yourself in a country where you don’t understand the language or speak it might make your feel like a mute. It is also embarrassing trying to communicate with sign language, you might have to take pictures to also try and communicate with the people there. The sad part is you might also not interact with anyone, hear the local legends and tales, understand your travel guide, or even ask questions about the area, all because you can speak or understand the language.

The other option available for you is to learn the language of the country you want to visit. The truth is, there really isn’t time for this or even the drive to learn a new language just because you are going on a 2 or maybe 3 week vacation. There is also the mental ability to retain a new language which sadly speaking not everybody has or, depending on the country, there might be different dialects which might exist in just one city which you would visit. How do you learn many different dialects just for one vacation?

So, what is the solution to this issue faced by most people when in a country where the language is different? The answer to this is a smart voice translator. One which can give you accurate translation and will help you overcome the language barrier once and for all. The best voice translator device should have as many translations of languages as possible. It should also be portable and lightweight so you can carry it around either in your pocket or even hung around your neck. This way you get to sight-see without the heaviness of a translator.

Most smart voice translators are accurate with their translations. With simple words like car, road, hotel, taxi, food, man, woman, the translations are accurate. Even in translating sentences, like where can I find a bank? you are sure to get the right translation in the language of the country where you are. The only problem which you might face are the translating of some complex sentences. This is because all languages have the way in which they are formed. There might be a literal translation of the word you want but it might mean sometime else in that language.

Prior to the modern age, people were trained to be interpreters. If you find out that you had an affinity for languages, these kinds of people are called Polyglots, your career path was most or less set out as most likely an interpreter. Minus the people who had the natural affinity for languages, to train a person to become an interpreter is pretty hard and time consuming. Besides, not everyone can afford to have an interpreter with them when they travel. This is one of the reasons why smart voice translators where developed to help bridge the language barrier amongst people of the world.

The creation of smart voice translators are simply to foster cultural unity, change the way people communicate, promote cultural development amongst nations, more pleasant cross-culture communication, ability to link all the countries of the world as one. To achieve this by taking out the human interpreters for most people, smart voice translators were created. They can come in form of portable devices which we have found to be more accurate in translations as that is their sole purpose. Smart voice translators are also found in most smartphones, either as an app or as one of the functions of the smartphone.

Smart voice translator devices have shown to be 90% more accurate than apps or as a function in a phone. The beauty of this device is it works in offline mode. Yes, there is no need to have internet access to from certain language translations. The device would also run normally when the signal is low. Most smart voice translator devices are also audio translators which means they respond not only to voice but can even translate music for you. This is an added plus for a smart voice translator device over a smartphone. Secondly, your battery will lose its juice faster on your smartphone when different apps are running simultaneously on it but with a voice translator device, the battery lasts longer. This is due to the fact that its job is just language translation and nothing else.

The best voice translator device should support the top most spoken languages in the world. i.e. English, Spanish, Chinese. Other popular languages like French, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish are also good languages to have on the device. This way most people who travel to foreign countries will have the communication barrier problem covered.

A 90% accuracy in language translation is a great high number. This way you know there won’t be a problem of understanding been lost in translation. So, an investment in a good voice translator device will go a long way to aid your travel woes. Another great feature it can have might be GPS, which would help you in your moving around. You can connect it to your phone hotspot or Wi-Fi if you don’t have a separate internet router for it. Voice translators are a great way to ease the barrier of communication faced anywhere you are in the world.

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