Internet is flooded with lots and lots of websites for different online service and it is a big hassle to find out the best website out of them. Today we are introducing to you a comparison site called which does all this work for you. helps you find the best websites in wide range of areas. The expert team at hot5 carefully evaluates every website on the basis of their standard criteria and picks out best 5 brands of every respective niche. The websites featured on hot5 have good reputation and offer first-class services at cheap prices. Their experts also provide review on every individual site and there are many useful and informative articles in their blog section called Knowledge Centre.

Hot5 website

Many Services Available for Comparison

Hot5 website is very user-friendly and all of their features can be accessed easily from home-page. The website has comparison pages of different services and also a review page for each. From lifestyle, antivirus, job searches, entertainment to business following are the services which are available for comparison:


  • Best Email Marketing
  • Best Website Builder


  • Best IPTV Sites
  • Best Browser Games


  • Best Weight Loss Programs


  • Best Online Psychic Readings
  • Best Dating Sites & Apps
  • Best DNA Testing Kits
  • Best Cheap Flight Deals
  • Best Job Search Sites


  • Best VOIP Services
  • Best Web Hosting


  • Best VPN Providers
  • Best Antivirus Software
  • Best Background Checks

High Standards for Impartial Reviews evaluates every brand on five important factors thus you get best of the best out of so many brands floating in the internet. Their reviews and ratings are trustworthy and impartial and the content which features in advertorial section of the website has clearly been marked and tagged as ‘sponsored’. Following are the criteria on which the industries are rated:

  • Reputation
    Reputation of the brand is the first thing which comes in our minds when we think of purchasing services from them. The experts at hot5 researches about the past and current state of the company. Like from how long the company is active or do they have or had any law issues. The experts also keep an eye on the feedback received by their customers and also if they are an award-winning company or not.
  • Price
    Many times it happens that well reputable brands are very costly and their services are completely out of our budget. But hot5 expert team finds affordable websites and checks whether the brand offers any special deals or savings or not. The team also goes through different plans or packages offered like monthly, quarterly, yearly or even if it is a two-year plan. They pick out best services at an affordable price.
  • Features & Highlights
    The experts thoroughly check all the features provided by the respective website. Like an antivirus brand provides parental control or not or a dating site has a filter and messaging app or not. The experts ensure that you get perfect result every time you visit Hot5.
  • Ease of Use
    Who likes complicated sites with lots of useless options? Of course no one. Experts at hot5 checks that all the facilities offered by brand are easily accessible from the homepage and the service is fast responsive. They also check if the service is compatible with iOs and Android so you have no problem using it directly from your phone.
  • Help, Support & Security
    Good customer support is very important while buying an online service. Hot5 chooses the brands whose customer support team is available round the clock and also ensures that they can be contacted easily through telephone or email. Experts also check about the FAQ section so you get answer to your query without any help. Also the security is very crucial when you are using services like dating sites. Experts check that how does a brand ensures safety of its members and the identity of members are verified or not.

Bottom Line: is a great website which helps you save both time and money while looking for an online service. Their reviews help a lot for understanding individual brand. Also their quality check brings you the best and affordable service without spending hours searching and going through hundred websites. All the services are carefully selected thus offering the best consumer experience.