In this day and age, we’ve got a lot of conscious homeowners who realize the importance of home security systems. Whether they go for a pre-built system that’s also maintained by a professional company, or they opt for their own DIY home security solution, they do try to add as much security to their home.

But there is one slight problem with people who go the DIY route – they have no idea where to begin. And unless you’ve been building security systems for years, that’s completely understandable. There are a lot of items you’ll need to get and choosing the key ones can be tricky.

With that in mind, below we have the three essential items you will need when you’re making your home security system. Start with these, and then continue with everything else in the future.

Security Cameras First

Absolutely the most important item when you’re getting a home security system is good security cameras. They’re the bread and butter of the system, as they act both as deterrents, and a way to gather evidence if something does happen.

With security cameras, you’ll want to get enough of them to cover both the inside of your home and the outside. If you’ve got a yard, you might want to get a couple of them for the yard as well. Thieves have been known to sneak around your yard when they’re casing your home for a possible break-in, so you can have them on camera and be prepared early on.

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As far as choosing the right camera goes, you’ll want to get one that’s wireless and records at least 720p video. This will allow you to capture high-quality videos wherever you place it. A good idea would be motion detection, and IR LEDs will help if the area you’re recording isn’t particularly well lit. There’s a host of options out there, and if you aren’t sure what to get, get something by a reputable brand to minimize the chances of making a mistake.

Video Doorbells Are Important, Too

Next up on our list, we have video doorbells. A video doorbell does cover all the basic functions of a conventional doorbell, but thanks to technological advancements, it also adds a few other interesting things that come in handy.

To begin with, it has a wide-angle camera that records everything that happens outside your front door. To add to that, a video doorbell is usually connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, which means you can access it from wherever you are using just your smartphone. They often come with an app that lets you do this. Now you can see who just rang your doorbell, even if you aren’t physically there.

They also tend to have motion detection, so if someone is outside your door but they’re hesitant to press the doorbell, your video doorbell will still send you an alert on your phone. This is especially important since we’ve got a rapid rise in the popularity of porch pirates who can’t seem to stop stealing other people’s packages off their porch.

The most important thing you’ll get from a video doorbell is the peace of mind of knowing when someone is at the door, even if they don’t ring the doorbell. Oh, and if you get one that’s got two-way audio (which is most of the ones for sale nowadays), you’ll also get the ability to talk to the person that is outside your door – a great way to ditch door-to-door salesmen.

Finish It Up with a Smart Lock

The last thing you should get as part of your “starter kit” is a smart lock. Unlike a conventional lock that opens with a key, a smart lock requires either a smartphone it recognizes, a PIN code or password, or some kind of biometric security, such as a fingerprint. This makes it pretty much impossible for a burglar to open, and that does add quite a lot to your security.

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Smart locks also work very well when you’ve got a video doorbell, too, because they’re connected to your home’s Wi-Fi and let you unlock or lock your front door remotely. If you know a delivery person is going to stop by, you can use your video doorbell to instruct them to leave the package inside, and then unlock the door for them. This does require a certain level of trust, though, and not all will be willing to do this.

Another thing you get from a smart lock is the logs, which basically tell you who entered your home and when. This enables you to have a complete overview of when your kids came back from school, for example, which does come in handy when it’s peace of mind you’re after.


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