Are you one of those, who picks up the mobile, every time a new mobile game is launched? Well, how about taking things one notch up? Here are some of the things that you must try before you download your next game.

Is there a game mode on your mobile?

Have you wondered how you suddenly miss a moment in your game? Well, it could be the incoming notifications or some apps running in the background that require a refresh. Well, these utilize RAM on the phone and this could slow down your phone and you really want it to do otherwise. However, the new generation of smartphones now come with a game mode that’s built into the operating system. So, once you pick up a game, for example a PuBG or something simple like rummy, the mobile automatically gives complete access to the game. So, your gameplay experience is flawless and smooth. If your game was getting stuck and you were blaming the developers, then it is a good idea to take a closer look at your device once more.

Low settings are not really bad

Not all mobile games offer advanced flexibility that let you modify the graphic settings. However, there are games that does allow you to select a graphical setting that is optimized for the smartphone hardware. If your phone’s display is less than 6 inches, then you could just about manage with a lowered graphics setting. Of course, your priority has to be smooth gaming over the visual display of the game. It will make things fast and you would be able to enjoy the game uninterrupted.

Is your phone getting hot headed?

If your phone is heating up, it can never be a good sign for you. When it comes to CPU/GPU, heating up indicates towards a problem in your mobile phone. There are times, when long gaming sessions generate internal heat, but it also happens if you keep holding your phone for a bit too long. Pick up mobiles that doesn’t have the heat up issues. If you are about to make a fresh purchase, check the reviews and then pick the right one. Most One plus phones, iPhones and even the Google Pixel smartphones do a great job in maintaining cool with games running for hours.

Do away with background services

One way to free up RAM is to turn off or disable all the unrequired background services. This will let the RAM remain free for your games to run smoothly. You can also directly enjoy games online. So, if there are games that you are playing directly from the game website, like when you play Indian rummy, it gives you speed to enjoy the game uninterrupted. Of course, your data needs to support it. There are also some background services that you can safely turn off like your email and Facebook. You can just about go ahead and disable all social media and messaging apps. This puts a lot less strain on your smartphone.

Fully Charged Phones Always Work Better

One thing that happens almost all the time with gamers is the phone running in battery saver mode when you are in the middle of that game. Well, what it means is that you are pushing your phone to work quite hard to give you that performance. When the battery levels drop to around 40%, the power delivery to the chipset from the battery can drop a little, making the performance falter. This becomes furthermore noticeable when it goes less than 25%, leading to your phone heating up. So, if you want to enjoy a high intensity game, the best solution is to enjoy the game when it is 100%.

Developer Options

If you can manage a bit of tweaking around the Android operating system, then a bit of modifications can really help your game. But the first thing that you need to do is turn on the developer options. There are a few settings that can improve your phone performance with a game mode. One such setting is the 4xMSAA that absolutely improves the visual quality of the games. But when you turn this setting on, it drains your battery a lot faster as compared to normal. So, you need to turn it off, once you are done with the game.

Flash a custom ROM and or Kernel

One of the strong points of being on Android is that there are multiple custom ROMs and kernels that are available. There are smartphones that are performance driven and will have custom ROMS available. There will be others that will flash custom kernels that will allow a completely new system level customization. You can tweak a bit of both of them, however you must be absolutely familiar with the workings of the Android.


So, even if you are a fan of a particular kind of smartphone or a brand you absolutely drool over, there are sure to be gaming special phones available. All you have to do, is look closely and get the most out of your gaming experience.

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