Well, it’s that time of the year when you have to move into a new year, towards a new beginning and towards another set of happiness and sadness and that means a new year. Everyone wants to wish their loved ones with extreme joy and in a unique way, just to make their wish memorable. So, here are we, helping you to wish your loved ones in the best way possible.

Best New Year Wishes for friends

Best New Year Wishes for friends in 2020

  • While stepping in a New Year, I wish you God may fulfill all your wishes and shower all the happiness in your life. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • A New Year is a new beginning. A new beginning towards new happiness and new sorrows. May God give you tons of happiness and not even a pinch of sorrow, so you may lead a blissful life. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • It’s the time when New Year comes knocking at your door,

    So, I wish that you may get the one whom you adore,

    And you may get happiness, more and more. 🔥💫

  • Make the next 365 days of your life ‘LEGEND….WAITFORIT….DARY’ 🔥💫


  • Life’s gonna take you on a new track. May you drive more safely this time. Wish you and your family, a very Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • May the seeds of hard work which you had sown, a long time bag, flourish into a never-ending success this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR. 💫🔥

  • May you get another 365 unforgettable memories along with a bit of every emotion such that these upcoming memories can stay with you for the rest of your life. 🔥💫

  • A toast, to all the single people who are going to spend this New Year’s Eve alone. Plus, two minutes of silence too, cause they’re going to be alone on this Valentine’s day too. 🙈🔥💫

  • Some happiness, some worries,

This year, we created a lot of memories,

But have to leave this year, with a bit of smile and a bit of cries,

As it’s time to say 2016, a goodbye.

A very Happy New Year. 🔥💫

new year wishes for friends

  • Leave that baggage of pain here in 2019 and make a move towards a new start, a new beginning and a new journey. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • Can’t keep calm cause finally 2020 is coming. 💕 Happy New Year. 💕

  • Hey there!

I was the one who made you go through the thicks and thins. I was the one who gave you a bag full of memories. I was the one who made you cry a million times but even gifted you those precious smiles. I walked with you as you grow a year old. But, now it’s the time to leave, to leave forever. And you know, I’ll never come back and I hope you’ll miss me.

Yours lovingly,


Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • Another year begins and a new flow of fake resolutions is going to emerge soon. But, I am going to take a resolution that’s gonna last my entire life and that is, to stand by you. To stand by you, when you cry and when you enjoy. To stand by you, when you need me the most. To support you, when times will turn rough and To love you even more than enough. HAPPY NEW YEAR. 🔥💫

  • Hey best friend! This is to tell you that another year is going to begin and don’t you even hope that I’d stop irritating you cause I’m gonna turn even more evil this year. 🙈

    Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • Dear Mom and Dad,

While going through the worst of times, you’ve raised me into a responsible and successful adult and I know that even all the joy of this world will not be even to return your favor. But, I promise that I would try to make your happiest this year the most

Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • Plan your parties and get into that sexy outfit cause New Year is just around the corner. Wish you a very happy New Year in advance. 🔥💫

  • We’re falling apart every year and still, we’re trying to hold together. But, I wish we get the strength to make our bond stronger and better this year. Love you loads. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • I pray with my hands folded in front of The Almighty that all my friends and even my enemies get that blissful happiness that every soul desires in the upcoming year. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • New Year means a new beginning. So, if you’re living in that poor old-fashioned hair cut, cut them off

  • If you’re wearing those patchy clothes, throw them away and if you’re living with that same old heart-breaking memories, get rid of them and make move towards a new start. Happy New Year.🔥💫

  • Wish you a very happy, crazy, unforgettable, different and a bomblastic new year. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • We all get so much involved and busy in our lives that we didn’t even realize that we created a memories of a year that are going to last a lifetime. So, wishing you a very Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • Some people lived large this year and some went through the worst of times. Some joined us in our journey and some left to live their own journey. Some gave us roses with happiness and some craved our hearts with spine. But at the end of the year, we know that it all happened good and we wish that it all may happen good in the next year too. Happy New Year 2K20. 🔥💫

  • May the upcoming year sparkle your face with a beautiful smile that could last forever. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • We all lost something this year and that loss might me heavy or ignorable. But, I wish that if it’s possible, you may get whatever you’ve lost and live a happy life ahead. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • Ever seen that sunset at the end of the day? It may be bad to look at the darkness it leaves, but the smile, it gifts us is priceless. So is with 2019. The happiness it gave us overpowered the pains we’ve suffered. Bye 2019. Welcome 2020.🔥💫

  • Day before you start a new journey, I would like to thank you for being there, being my ‘The Great Wall of China’, being my support system and being my everything and I hope, you would not change like any other person who did change in 2019. I love you. Happy New Year.🔥💫

  • Dear Fairy God Mother,

Bless the person reading this with intelligence, wealth, health, happiness and love in the upcoming year and never let this person forget me.

Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • First Rule of 2020:

Never ever talk about 2019.

Happiee New Year. 🔥💫

Happy new year 2017

  • I dare you to become the best possible version of yourself this year and I guess, this would be the best gift ever. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • Every year has some terms and conditions and these year there’s not a big list but the list says: Smile and make others smile, make your inner bitch sleep forever and be the best possible version of yourself. Happy New Year. 🔥💫

  • How to make a Happy Recipe of 2020?

Take tons of happiness along with your loved ones, add few scoops of madness and gallons of love. Tanah! A great recipe is ready. 💕

Happy New Year 2K20. 💕

  • Life would be a boring 2Star movie without you guys and you’ve been there at every important point of my life back in 2019 and I wish the tide of this New Year make our bond even more stronger.

Happy New Year. 💕

We hope that you may like these wishes and they may delight you and your loved ones. 💕💕

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. 💕

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