Are you a keen follower of the latest happenings around Kodi for Android? If the answer is yes, then it quite likely that you will be able to find out the difficult situation it is in. There is a big shortage of quality developers as far as this platform is concerned. This certainly has cast aspersions and doubts about the very existence of Kodi and whether this application will be available for the various Android TV boxes. However, a thing seemingly is not as gloomy and sad as it perhaps has been painted out to be. This is because of the simple fact that Kodi continues to be open source. Therefore it would not be much of an effort to fork it and make it suitable for specific needs and requirements. This ability to be able to make changes to Kodi is perhaps the main reason for the birth and development of SPMC. We will now try and find out how it could be possible to install SPMC on Android TV Box.

What Is SPMC?

SPMC is the acronym for Semper Media Center which as mentioned above is nothing but a Kodi spinoff which is available for on Play Store and is also regularly maintained and updated there. It can easily be downloaded for free from Play Store and other such places. However, it is important to find out as to how this software can be installed. This is important and vital because this will certainly take the Android experience to one or two levels higher. Hence we will try and find out how it is possible to install SPMC on Android using this guide. Of course, there are quite a few advantages when it comes to making use of SPMC for Android box devices.

The First Few Steps

SPMC can easily be installed on the Fire TV of Amazon and other such devices. This does not require the need for any other supportive devices. It is good enough to have the AFTV and the rest can be managed. It would be pertinent to mention here that this is very similar to Kodi. If you look around the internet and browse for some images you find out ways to understand this fact. Further, it also is very easy to install SPMC and it is almost similar to the way Kodi is installed. Hence apart from easy installation, you also can be sure that it will run quite efficiently and effortlessly even on Android media sticks that are very small in size. However, for the sake of convenience, it would not be a bad idea to include an HTPC keyboard with wireless features. This might be needed in your setup because as is the case with Kodi, SPMC will work better with the right type of peripherals.

How Should SPMC Be Installed?

The entire installation process is quite simple. You can search for SPMC on Google Store and it will not be long before you are able to get access to the right SPMC download option. Be careful that you choose the SPMC download for Android because that is what you would require. Once you have identified the right app, you will be guided to where the install page is located. This will allow you to install the SPMC for Android TV Box. This is quite simple and you have to just click on the install button. Once the app has been downloaded and installed you will get the open button, and once you click on it, you will be guided to the main features of the SPMC app. It is as simple as that. Once the SPMC has been installed and opened it will be ready for you to use. You will be able to experience the various media options which you will get once the SPMC on Android has been installed.

What Does It Allow Me to Do?

Once SPMC has been installed you can breathe easy even if Kodi that is used for Android gets shut down or it does not get supported any further. This is because SPMC can work quite well with all types of Kodi addons. You could use Fusion Addon, Kodi Exodus add-on and use the same without any major problems. You also could be in a position to use the best of Kodi live add-ons, movie add-ons from Kodi and much more.

There is no point in waiting. You have only a few steps to take. Identify the right SPMC software from Play Store, download it, install it and start enjoying the various features which come with it.