While ceiling fans are a go-to cooling solution when it comes to beating the summer heat, there are scenarios wherein installing a ceiling fan is not a very viable option. A ceiling fan, for instance, cannot be installed in a room with a low hanging ceiling as it poses safety risks for the room occupants. Similarly, wall fans have an edge over pedestal fans that cannot be installed in rooms with space issues.

If you too are stuck in a similar issue and are looking for a wall fan, here’s a quick guide that tells you about the important factors to consider when buying a wall fan. Let’s get started.

1.    Swing Angle and Tilt Angle

The swing angle of a fan determines the area covered by a fan when the oscillation mode is switched on. The wider the swing angle, the more the area the wall fan can cover. While the swing angle tells you about the horizontal range of a fan, there’s another important factor which is the tilt angle which tells you about the vertical range of a fan.

2.    Speed and Swing Controls

Usually, the wall fans come with knobs/switches that help users control the fan. But what if the wall fan is installed at a height and the switch/knob is beyond one’s reach. Well, it is because of this reason that a wall fan should come with cords that can be used to vary the speed and the swing angle of the fan. Some wall fans that come with a remote controller may not have these cords. But we suggest that you look for a wall fan that has these cords so that even if the remote control goes bad, you can use these cords to control the fan.

3.    Wall Fan Speed

The speed of a fan is an important factor to consider when buying a wall fan. Look for a wall fan that allows you to vary the fan speed so that you can vary the air thrust as per the requirement. The speed of a wall fan is measured in RPM (Rotations per minute). The higher the fan speed, the higher the air thrust it can deliver. Also, don’t be confused between air thrust and air delivery. In case you don’t know the difference, the next point tells you just that.

4.    Air Delivery

Air delivery is the amount of air that a fan can deliver in a given time. Air delivery is measured in cubic meters per minute which represents the volume of air (in cubic meters) that the fan delivers per minute. Make sure you buy a fan that offers adequate air delivery. Reputable brands like Luminous India offer a wide range of wall mount fans with air delivery ranging between 60 to 100 CMM.

Note – Air delivery tells you about the volume of air a wall fan can deliver whereas the air thrust tells you about the force with which the air is delivered. As mentioned earlier, varying the fan speed helps vary the air thrust. The air delivery, however, remains unchanged.

5.    Fan Size

The size of your wall fan would depend on the size of your room. The bigger the room, the bigger the required fan size.  Most wall fans are available in two main sweep sizes – a 300 mm wall fan and a 400 mm wall fan. In case you want to install the wall fan in a very big room, you may have to go for more than one wall fan, depending on the size of your room. Also, avoid installing a big wall fan in a small room as it may look odd and out of place.

6.    Power Consumption

Now, this is one of the factors that need the most attention. Do compare different wall fans from different brands to find out which wall fan consumes the least amount of energy. Buying an energy-efficient fan will not just help you save on your energy bills, but it will also allow you to contribute to a greener future by reducing the environmental impact of using more energy. We suggest that you go for a Luminous India wall fan as it consumes minimal power, as low as 55W.

Last But Not Least

Besides the above-mentioned factors, you must also consider the wall fan brand. Make sure that you buy from a reputable brand that allows peace of mind to its customers by offering a generous warranty on its wall fans. Also, read online reviews to find out what kind of after-sales support the brand offers. We recommend that you buy a wall fan from Luminous India as it offers one of the best wall fans in India and because the company is known for its excellent customer service.

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