Gearbest is currently offering amazing deal on 5.5 inch Gretel GT6000 4G smartphone, which features a powerful 6000mAh big battery and front fingerprint scanner. For the next 6 days, you can find the flash sale from $59.99! 5 Units Daily!

Gretel GT6000

The $59.99 sale is dedicated to this week, starts at specific 09:00 UTC each day from Jun12 to Jun17. And it will be priced at $99.99 once the 5 units sold out, which is a discount of 20% from its original price on Gearbest.  Shipment will be arranged between Jun 17 – Jun 20.

Those who want to jump straight to the extra discounts for GT6000, head over to the link below:

Want to know more details about Gretel GT6000? Watch the first hands-on video below:

From the video, we can know that the Gretel GT6000 packed with the improved Class-K audio amplifier, with no-crack-noise(NCN technology), ultra-low distortion and constant large volume. It’s an audio visual feast while making calls, chatting face-to-face or playing music. Besides, big-screen phone GT6000 comes with one-hand mode, parallel space and gesture unlock function, to make your phone extremely manageable for daily life and works.