Smartphones are always considered as one of the top selling items in the electronic world. It becomes a basic necessity of each human being. The main reason for their popularity is that they are very much affordable due to their vast competitive market. In a smartphone, you can get as many features as you want within your budget limit.

Featuring Gretel A9 4G Smartphone

The similar way a company named Gretel has launched its budget friendly Cheap 4G Smartphone in the market. Many people may not aware of this fact that Gretal company,  in the past has worked with many well-known smartphones manufacturers like Blackview and delivered some fabulous android and rugged smartphones.

This time Gretel came out with their own branded Gretel A9 4G Smartphone. The best part of this phone is that it is available in very affordable price, which can be bought by anyone without spending too much money. Besides its price, there are many features which I will review here one by one, Hope it will help you in your buying decision.

Gretel A9 4G Smartphone feature review

Design & Body

Front and back look of Gretel A9 Smartphone

Gretel A9 features the super slim matte black metallic body. The design of this phone is quite attractive, when you closely look at this phone you will feel soft textures due to micron sandblasting. Such precise finishing gives this phone a premium look.

Showing matte Black super slim body of A9 4G smartphoneWhen you hold this phone it feels comfortable in your hand. No fingerprint grime or scratching issue with this smartphone has been observed.
The fingerprint sensor is provided in the bottom. It has a good surface area for fast recognition.Overall the build is quite good.


Display of Gretel A9 4G Smartphone

Gretel A9 4G Smartphone features 5-inch bright screen with 2.5 curved glass. This phone has HD-display, which could be one the weak point of this phone and in a budget device, you can not expect more than that. However, in our experience, the quality of this display is quite good. with it vibrant colour in the display, you can enjoy your movies, videos anywhere anytime.

5-inch screen with good display makes it a perfect device for one hand operation.

Camera Quality

Here comes the best part of this phone ‘the camera’. Gretel A9 has awesome 8 MP Samsung rear camera (interpolated into 13 MP). This camera has all the premium feature which you hardly find in a budget smartphone. It has Autofocus, manual focus, true flashlight and much more. You can easily capture the minute details of any scene. here is the sample of some of the picture taken by this phone.

Pictures sample taken by A9 4G Smartphone

For selfie lovers, this phone has 2 MP front camera. It has 3 modes to capture selfies normal, beauty and child. With autofocus A9 help to take perfect selfies of the user.

Hardware & Software

showing gaming experiance in this phone

A9 4G Smartphone has MT6737 Quad core CPU which really help to maintain the performance of the phone. With such configuration of hardware, you will experience a smooth operation of multitasking, improved multimedia and better photography.

A9 packed with 2GB RAM+16 GB ROM, which is enough for storing your data.

This brand new phone pack with latest Android 6.0 operating system. A good thing about this phone is that soon Gretel will provide the OTA update of Android 7.0 to this 4g smartphone.It could be one of the best selling points for this phone.

Battery Capacity

Gretel A9 4g smartphone is equipped with 2300 mAh battery. For a mid- screen size (5inch) smartphone this phone capacity is quite enough.

Is this phone available for worldwide users?

Yes, this phone is available for worldwide users. You can buy this unlocked smartphone from given link.

Should you really buy?

If you are looking for a cheap smartphone with decent features, you can buy this smartphone. It’s brilliant look with bright HD display and the unique camera really makes a good choice among the potential buyers.

Buy Gretal A9 4G Smartphone


Gretel A9 4G Smartphone


Design & Built








Hardware & Software



  • Brillant Camera with autofocus feature
  • Premium Look
  • Ready for Android 7.0 Nougat


  • Only HD Display
  • Battery could be better