Gretel comes to the public market with 3 android phones to challenge the other smartphones on the same level.  It’s the Gretel A9, A7, and A6.  Much like the Nokia’s returns, which show off the new android devices – Nokia 8, Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 in a short time 2017. Hope both Gretel and Nokia will be an easy run!

Gretel A6 4G Smartphone Leaks

Gretel must be not the first name comes to your mind when thinking of smartphones. But Gretel claims that they must be the king of the affordable phones market. Because they are the only one who can offer $69.99 for 4G devices with a front fingerprint sensor, which is the Gretel A9. Don’t believe it? check it online right now!

Gretel A6 leaks gold version

Just today, the leaked news shows the upcoming Gretel A6 phone will be available in 2 color options and designs for the back covers. The black version will come with the premium aluminum alloy matte metal back, the gold version will arrive in a stunning and glossy brushed finish on the aluminum backing, much like the LG G6 black version, which looks more sophisticated and visually appealing.

Gretel A6 4G Handset

The rumored specs include a 5.5 inch HD IPS display screen from the Sharp company, a 13.0Mega AF Samsung camera and fingerprint sensor at the rear, 5.0MegaFF front facing camera, an AAC box speaker for a wonderful multimedia experience and an MT6737 from MTK at the heart of the system. It also boats on 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM. For now, this is the only info we have this A6 smartphone. The company also have launched the A7 an another budgets smartphone, here is some of the leak images and specifications of that.

Gretel A7 4G Smartphone Leaks

Today there comes the more leaked information from Gretel Smartphone. It’s said Gretel A7 packs in a design 1.5GHz dual-core MT6580A processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM of memory which can be extended to 32GB by means of SD card. It will have 4.7 inch HD JDI curved display for a more comfortable to hold and ultimate visual experience, screen protects with Gorilla Glass to withstand daily threads like sharing a pocket with car keys, also adopts the In-cell touch technology for the sharper and clearer display looks.

Gretel A7 4G Handset

The front panel of A7 features a home button notification LED flashing light. At the rear, it’s the Samsung 3H7 8MP camera with flash light and auto focus to click good photos. The Gretel A7 runs Android 6 OS but will get Android 7 updates in May. It’s a Dual SIM smartphone.

Gretel A7From the leaked news, Gretel A7 will have a stylish colorful body design. The standard color for Gretel A7 is black but equipped with different back covers, there are total 5 colors: silver, orange,  yellow, red and blue.  Maybe buy one and get one, what do you think of it?

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