A powerful laptop wouldn’t always see you through your graphic designing project. And needless to say, that graphically-intensive tasks such as high-resolution video editing and rendering would squeeze chunks of that from your laptop. However, there are a number of devices that have firepower and leading-edge components that enable them to run uncompromising graphic design software. 

It’s more than just about the processor and great graphic card when it comes to the best laptops for Adobe creative cloud. Those include stacks of RAM, a mighty storage capacity and a crisp display that recreates colors precisely with every frame. And of course, a lightweight, resilient, and portable body design would also be advantageous, regardless of where you spend your time working on your project.

Graphic Designing: Is power enough?

Because of the current pandemic, many of you are forced to become more agile and have to operate out from the traditional office cabin, which can prove to be troublesome for graphic designers who are accustomed to working from a dedicated desktop setup. But thanks to laptops, graphic designers are able to work more efficiently without having to compromise on power and performance. Pandemic has made the changes in all scenarios, now a lot of new designers working on Logo making. They are doing logo designers in Leeds.

Specs to look out for

Laptop models, specifically high-end, offer you a vast array of features and specs to choose from. However, there are few basic features you must look out for in a laptop best for graphic designing. 

  • RAM: Not to be mistaken for storage which is to your solid-state drive, RAM stands for Ram Access Memory. This memory lets your computer maneuver tasks and perform various operations simultaneously. You’ll want to have at least 8GB of it, although 16GB would be a better option in the long run. As a consequence, the more RAM your computer has, the faster it will finish the tasks you’ll run. Enabling you with the ease of performing hefty operations like switching between different software while processing your project data. 
  • Processor: CPU or Central Processing Unit or simply processor chip is the brain of a computer system. It serves the purpose of running all the different kinds of programs and applications that are necessary. For creative work, you’re most likely to be using software that eats up many resources, so it’s better to look for a processor with more power. As a result, the sooner you can finish working on the project, the faster your device processes the data.
  • Storage Space: There will often be files that are heavy depending on what work you do for graphic design and since Graphic design source files (PSD, AI, INDD, AEP, etc.) tend to be very large, you would require ample storage capacity on your device to store them even if you’re solely working on photos. There are also two kinds of storage drives used in high-end laptops: Spinning hard drives, which are older but still useful today because they offer greater storage space but spin around, generating noise & friction, and the newer, SSD’s or Solid State Drivers which have no moving parts and are faster, more expensive and offer less storage as opposed to Spinning Drives. 
  • Graphics Card: Graphics cards or GPUs behave more like processors but function differently in a computer system. So much so, a graphic designer CANNOT do without a dedicated Graphics Card Unit installed on his system as it’s responsible for rendering image data on the screen. Thus, helpful in running multiple programs during visually challenging operations on images or videos.
  • Display Size: A decent size display is very common among the best laptops for graphic design. It’s because as a designer, you would require optimum brightness, the best color accuracy, and an appropriate screen size display to work on critical projects. For that matter, a 15” or 17” inch display would be perfect. 
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