GPD WIN Gamepad Tablet PC Review

GPD WIN GamePad Tablet PC Review

GPD Win gaming laptop is a great for gaming as well as pc use. It’s a full version windows 10 laptop that perfectly fits in pocket. It’s great for high school students as well as frequent travelers. There are so many things can be done with this GPD Win laptop. It has a 5.5” touch screen display.

In general, there is two versions available.

  1. Fan less version
  2. Fan version

The Fan version sports a great battery life of whooping 80 hours of music play, 8 hours of video playback and 4-6 hours of game play.

Inside Box:

There are few things can be found inside box.

  • The Gamepad itself
  • Charging cable – type “C”
  • Ear pods


This pocket size tablet laptop sports the following configuration –

  • Touch Screen – Yes
  • Communication – WIFI  and Bluetooth
  • Processor – Intel Atom x7-Z8700
  • Core – Quad core processor
  • ROM – 64 GB
  • Wireless support – 11 a/ac/b/g/n Wlan
  • Video Output – HDMi
  • Screen Size – 5”
  • Operating system – Windows 10 Home
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Resolution – 1280 X 720
  • I/O Spec – 1XUSB Type C – 3.0, 1XUSB Type A – 3.0
  • SD Card – TF Card Maximum up to 128 GB

Physical Overview:

Physical Overview

Going through the device, we can find all the ports at the back. At back of the device, R1 and R2 controllers are found at the extreme right corner whereas L1 and L2 can be found at the extreme left corner. L1 is acts as left mouse button and R1 acts as Right mouse button. Also, 1XUSB Type c (which is for charging) and 1XUSB type – A 3.0 can be found. This USB port can be used to connect external mouse, printer or XBOX.  In between of these two ports, there is a Micro SD card slot and a HDMI port available. This miniature laptop supports Bluetooth also.

At front, we can find a microphone. At the bottom of this laptop, there is a fan grill and a fan speed controller (Low, mid & High). After opening the laptop, a stunning 1280 X 720p 5.5” welcomes us. At the bottom of the screen, there is a full size keyboard which is premium as well as sturdy. Although, the placing of L3 and R3 keys are little awkward and not very much convenient in comparison of the other game pads.

At the top of the keyboard, there is a mode switch which allows toggling between XBOX controller mode and keyboard mouse mode. There are two joysticks with direction pads for controlling the game and works as mouse.

The position of the speaker (At right hand side) and the fan vent (at the left) is a little disappointing as these may be blocked by the user at the time of using the device.

Performance and UI:

It’s a miniature gaming laptop. The navigation key at top allows user to use the laptop as xbox mode or pc-keyboard mode. When using as pc mode, the joysticks acts as mouse and L1 and R1 keys are double as left mouse button and right mouse button. Also, this device can be used as tablet mode to make full use of its 5.5” capacitive touch screen. To full use of the XBOX mode of the game pad, a app called “Steam” can be downloaded for free from the app store. Also, HDMI connects the device to external monitor to play the games or surf web on the bigger screen flawlessly.


“This is Great tablet for gaming as well as web browsing. It’s pocket friendly and very comfortable to carry around because of its size. It’s a great device to have for a game lover and a web surfer”.