The GPD Pocket is much better than you would expect it to be. The pocket laptop is actually a double one with the screen size of just 7 inches. Earlier, in 2006 UMPC turned it possible for people to own a high-quality laptop with an exceptional price range. And now The Company is again set to give something really impressive this time. It has tied knots with Microsoft to generate pocket a friendly device that is embedded with all the basic gestures along with cellular connectivity and has several other smart features.

GPD Pocket Review

During 2010, the company was unable to achieve what to target for. But, the news unleashes that UMPC is again all set to run a full-fledged laptop that is tiny in size, but enormous in specifications. You just love the laptop and its size.

Even the smallest notebooks at least have 10-inch dimensions. And, with time, notebooks have literally perished from the tech market. The manufacturer of GPD Pocket has been lately launching various handheld games and digital gadgets. The company is not new to the market. Hence, you can on rely on it every time without giving anything a second thought.

GPD Pocket Review: 7 Inches Mini Laptop 

Brand NameGPD
Model NumberGPD Pocket
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
ProcessorIntel Atom x7-Z8750 Quad Core 64 Bit
Graphics ChipsetIntel HD Graphics
RAM + ROM8GB LPDDR3 + 128GB eMMC Flash
Touch Panel7-inch capacitance panel, multi-touch support
Battery7000mAh non-removable Li-PO battery
I/O Port1 * USB Type-C, 1 * USB 3.0, 1 * Micro HD, 1 * 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Build Quality & Design

Talking about the design of GPD Pocket Mini Laptop, it is quite perky and luring. The display uses a very thin screen that arrays prototype imageries. The built in keyboard is slightly smaller because of the size constraints. It is the misfit for typing long emails and letters. But, if you ponder upon the quality of the internal keyword, it is quite sturdy and durable. The buttons of the keyword have a beautiful back lighting. You can comfortably use delete button and backspace to adjust your typing.

GPD Pocket Review

The laptop has tiny USB ports by its size. You can attach an external keyboard along with charging your cell phone through it. The ports of GPD Pocket can also be used for data transfer. However, do not expect it to support 40 GBPS thunder bold data transfer. The mouse pad from the GPD is missing because of the size, instead of that, the track ball is available.

Processor & Operating System

The GPD Pocket a complete laptop that has atom processor as its processor. The laptop doesn’t decapitate much heat and ensures reasonable power consumption.It is Powered by Intel Atom x7-Z8750 Quad-core processor, a base frequency of 1.6GHz, and a turbo frequency up to 2.56GHz. It also includes an Intel HD Graphics GPU with the basic frequency of 200MHz and burst frequency up to 600MHz. With windows 10 as its operating system, the laptop works quite well with this particular processor. It can easily play the high-quality 1080p videos and operate YouTube at 6- frames per second. The laptop won’t let you face any glitches with its operating speed and functionality.

GPD Pocket Review

The display is 7-inches wide and Touch screen also. With 7.0 Inches IPS Full HD Screen Display, 1920 * 1200 resolution, you can directly touch the screen to operate GPD Pocket just like a tablet PC.

In regards to the performance the 8GB LPDDR3 RAM helps you to run games, photos, videos smoothly. 128GB EMMC provides room to store multimedia files, such as videos, music, pictures and more with faster speed. You can also expand the memory by attaching the external hard disk.


GPD Pocket Review 

The Built-in 7000mAh rechargeable battery supports about 12 hours working time. GPD Pocket also provides a USB3.0, Micro HD port, and headphone jack. The battery gives a whopping 12 hours of backup. The minimum duration fetched by the battery on a hard usage was 8 hours. The miniature laptop uses a port C charger for getting charged. While most of the phones are sported the same port as well so you don’t have to keep another charger for Laptop.

Audio Quality

The laptop has no front facing speakers. It is blessed with a single, yet high-quality speaker that has impressive sound quality. The laptop can fetch you a good experience if you ever pan to watch a movie in it. The audio lacks richness because of the lower budget of the device. However, it has the needed crispness and loudness that is much needed.


Other features

GPD Pocket Review

GPD Pocke has Bluetooth connected Xbox controller. The gadget decently performs when used for game plays. However, on using the laptop for a longer time, it was found that the temperature hikes up to 90 degrees. Though, the manufacturers have embedded a small cooling fan to manage its heating. Yet, the games that need higher capacity processors must be strictly avoided over the tiny brained gadget!


All in all, GPD Pocket is the best novelty of its type. It can be identified as unique, surprising and peculiar in its own type. It has a value of $500 that is slightly higher than what it should have been. The laptop is good in all its features. However, you can completely use it as a personal computer. Since the size is quite tiny, there are few things that could not be integrated into it. The seven-inch display might make you put an extra stain over your eyes, while keyboard may demand an external one to be attached for a comfortable typing to take place.

Alternatively, people are using GPD Pocket in clever ways. Since you can’t carry a big sized laptop every time you step out of the home; this laptop is quenching all the emergency needs without any fail. The mouse workability and display is doable to have a fulfilled experience during flights and tours. Moreover, there are no bugs or weird experiences with the model till date.

Where To Buy

The GPD Pocket is listed on man E-commress site. But Tomtop is one of the best place to buy this tiny laptop on the best price. The delivery of the laptop is available world wide. Do let us know if you like the GPD and share your view also.