Google introduced another great app – Google Trips. We can say that after a very long time it came up with a very valuable App. This app can be  a boon for the people who love to visit different new places. Although it is too early to say like this, but the response what this app is getting all over the world is tremendous.

What is Google trips?

Google Trips, a travel app made by Google Developer . It is available for both the iOS & Android operating system. It works like a user’s personal travel planner and Organizer. This app is bundled with all kind of information related to a trip. Google designed this app in such a way , that after getting information from google trip , You do not have to go anywhere.

Download Google Trips Android App

It has all the options whether it is  about Best places to visit or Food, Maps, Reviews . It just includes everything in a single place. Not only you can look into all these vital information related to your trip, but you can also create a trip and customise it in a very handy manner. And the best part is that it also works offline. You can download all the information on your phone. So no need to worry about international charging on your travel.

Remembrance of the old trips

As you first time install the App with the login of your Gmail account, you will be surprised to see that ‘Google trips’ app showing some of your old trips along with nice captions.

At first thought , it may come into your mind, how the google trip did so?

Actually, as you link Google Trips with your personal Gmail account, this app will scan all your mailbox and fetch all the relevant details (Flight Tickets ,Train detail,Hotel booking or cab booking ) related to your travelling and create a database of your old trips without knowing you. Is not it amazing?

How to use Google trips for your plan?

Google trip can be used as your personal travel manager. As you open this app, there is a search bar where you can search the place you want to visit.

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Google Trip App in iOS 10
Google Trips App running on iOS 10

There are no of options available in this App

  1. Reservations: All the reservations detail from your Gmail will be available here.
  2. Things to do :  This is the first thing we should look into after choosing our place . Here you will find a no of places with different categories  along with reviews , Star Rating, opening and closing time, Directions, Contact no and website details. If you like the place and it suits you for your trip just press the star icon. and this place is in your saved place list
  3. Day Plans : Here you can create your daily plan. Google trip’s special magical wand option will give you the best possible suggestion for your day plans. You can name your day plan and save it in the Google Trip app.
  4. Food and Drink : Here you will find all the food and restaurant details. Its include Local specialities, Dining out & Nightlife.
  5. Getting around : All the transportation detail ,Train, Bus, Metro, Public transport, Taxi/ Ride service with contact no will be here
  6. Saved places. Here you will find all the saved places related to your trip.

Downloading Paris Trip

After exercising all the options just ‘Creat trip’and download your trip plan on your phone. It will take some time to download all the information. All the best for your next travel with ‘Google Trips

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