The 360 notebook is now currently in trends. A lot of big manufacturers are launching that kind of notebook but not at an affordable price. Companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo has launched the notebook but users are not ready to pay the high prices. So, here we have the best alternative to these notebooks and the best part is at a very cheap price. The GoBook Y112 is 360 notebook, which has a lot of things to offer you.Gobook Y1102 review

The market is currently stunned with the Gobook Y1102 Notebook as a new product that has unending features. The organization took long to disclose the specifications and features of the device. Being way less expensive, it resembles a typical Yoga Tablet.

It is very compact and displays high-quality content through its 11.6-inch screen size. The perfect PC instantly reacts to your instructions and executes all the required work without any delay. With fortified features, the device would manipulate your efficiency to make you work better. The perfect screen size and convenient keyboard make Gobook Y1102 Notebook as an ideal PC for presentations and document editing.

Gobook Y1102 review

Let’s take a look at the Features of this notebook, how it is going to be the best Yoga Notebook:

Display & Design

The 11.6 screen size of the laptop comes with 1920 X 1080 resolution. The slim bezel notebook manages to fit in a perfected camera that looks quite impressive from the front. Full HAD touchscreen proves the laptop to be worthy of the ones who often need laptops for typing and document editing. The Touchpad of the Gobook Y1102 Notebook surpasses the size of a typical credit card. It doesn’t have any physical buttons, so it looks more impressive than the usual touchpad.Gobook Y1102 review

Instead of using monotonous polycarbonate, metal or plastic material, Gobook Y1102 Notebook comes with different designing for an improved grip. The laptop is thoroughly inspired by Lenovo Yoga tablet that is convertible in four positions. You can use it as a laptop, tent, stand, and tablet.

The 360 degrees axis allows you to rotate the screen the desired angle. The overall weight of the product is 1.1 kg which is neither too light not too heavy. It is compact yet not excessively small that can cause you inconvenience.Gobook Y1102 review

Additionally, the laptop comprises of status lights all over it. Such Light indicates caps lock, power and num lock. Also, there are two high-quality speakers located at the base of the laptop.

Hardware & Operating System 

Talking about the hardware it is powered by the 1.44 gigahertz Intel Processor enables you to play high definition videos with utmost smooth performance. Besides everything, the 64 GB ROM lets you store more file transfer and internet download. Gobook Y1102 Notebook comes with 4 GB RAM DDR3 which let you performed and stimulates of multitasking knowledge by allowing you to Run several applications and games in it. There is no additional Graphic processor so it won’t be able to play the games on this notebook.Gobook Y1102 review

Taking it to Operating system, we all are familiar with the Windows and know that Windows 10 is the best Operating System to use. In the GoBook Y110 is also running on the Windows 10 which makes it more convenient to use.


Since a good quality notebook is all about flawless game streaming, watching movies, file transfer, and convenience, it needs to have a superfluous battery backup. None of the laptops would win your heart if it has a poor battery backup. However, the Gobook Y1102 Notebook is going to be your lucky charm with whooping 8000 MaH Lithium-ion polymer battery power. The battery provides the backup for 6-8 hours and performed nice.

Additional Features

The Rocking laptop features everything that a highly expensive laptop is blessed with. It has a standby time of 9 hours along with mic support, Skype and built-in speakers. The support for Windows 10 and marvelous connectivity features and sure that you don’t remain devoid of any latest specification. The 3-megapixel camera is enough to give you satisfactory webcam and conferencing chats.

This notebook is the best partner for the traveling. You don’t need to carry your old heavy laptop while traveling or in a meeting.

Things Which We Liked And Which We Don’t

About what we like the size and price. I must say due it’ compact size it is easy to carry anywhere and the price is too less so anyone can afford this notebook. Apart from the Size and Price other things like RAM, Keyboard, Touchpad is also great. The battery backup is commandable with this price tag i think this is the best tech gadget you can get.

Coming to what we don’t like is ROM and backlight in keybord. There is 64GB ROM to store the data in which almost 8-10 is not usageable because of the Operating System. So, you have a very less space to store the data. Now if you are working in low light then there is no backlight in keyboard so you have to struggled to typing.

Conclusion & Price

The main thing about buying any laptop is the way you are going to use it. Some of the people require a laptop for meeting basic needs such as typing, paying bills and surfing the internet, while others may use it for creating programs, playing heavy games and creating websites on it. A laptop with higher configuration likewise Gobook Y1102 Notebook is going to meet every demand of the customers. It has the fastest Processor, impressive screen resolution, larger Hard Drive storage and sufficient system memory.

The device is a complete balance of portability, power, and features. You can carry it at the airport, coffee shops, and college because of its perfect size and dimensions. Gobook Y1102 Notebook deserves some extra credit because of its low price and high-quality features. This Notebook is available on gear best at a price of $221.23. The flash sale is already giving you a considerable discount on the tag price of the laptop.

Design & Display
Processor & OS
Hardware (Keyboard, Speaker)
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