The GMOVE GW05 is an outcome of a consistent hard work and efforts. It is a replica of the Apple watch that is much pricier than this. The gadget has it all that you need. You can spot it on Gearbest at an exceptional discount and free shipping service. There are hoards of watches available over the internet. Each of them has different features and specifications. However, only a few compel us to own. GMOVE GW05 is one such smartwatch model that every gadget geek would definitely love to have. Talking about the GMOVE let’s take a look at the features and other parts which make it the best alternative to Apple Watch.

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GMOVE GW05 Review


GMOVE GW05 Review

The plastic and stainless steel material used in GMOVE GW05 indicate its superior quality and better looks. The square shape dial design makes it more attractive. The rubber strap comprises of holes to get pinned so that the watch perfectly settles over your wrist. The dimensions of the GMOVE GW05 are 26.00 x 4.04 x 1.36 cm while the weight is somewhere around 58 grams. There are three color variants of this watch; silver, golden and black. All the colors are equally impressive and match perfectly with the attire you wear. I picked up golden as it impressed me more.

Check Price of GMOVE GW05 Smartwatch


The display is HD 1.5 inch long with the latest ARC 2.D technique. The curved edges will definitely steal your heart away. The pixel per inch of the GMOVE GW05 is 240×240 which is good enough if you simply compare it other smart watches in the market. On surveying the market further, we also discovered that GMOVE GW05 is one and only watch that gives you so many features at such a low price.

HardwareGMOVE GW05

Coming to the hardware of the watch, the GMOVE GW05 watch is blessed with MediaTek MTK6572 processor with 512 RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The watch does not have any special slot for the external memory. However, the internal space is sufficient enough to store your data. On using the watch, I personally did not feel any urge to have an extra memory card with. The watch supports the maximum of the data formats and stores it up without any glitches.


The software is the main issue with this watch. The watch running on the Android 4.4 which is a quite older version of the Android. Now the watches are running on the Android 5.0 or 6.0. Which provides more control and better connectivity. But still, we won’t face any problem regarding software.



Since it’s a smartwatch, the battery backup matters considerably. On checking the embedded battery of GMOVE GW05, it was found that it can give up to 3 days in standby mode. The 300mah capacitated battery is powerful enough to support all your needs.


The camera of the smartwatch is just 0.3 megapixels. It’s a great option if you wish to click a picture and don’t have your cell phone around. You also have the 4GB of ROM to store them, letter on you can easily sync it with your smartphone and click more images. It can also turn into the remote if you want to click selfie from your smartphone. There is a lot more functions it can perform you can imagine.

Other Noticeable Features 

Since GMOVE GW05 has it all, let me tell you that there is an additional sim card slot in it. You can insert a Nano sim card right at the back of the watch. The smartwatch would work independently and does not need any extra gadget to sync it.

The watch also has the 3.0 Bluetooth option along with 4.4 OS. Not to mention, it has all the basic apps like voice recorder, alarm clock, video capturing, calculator, calendar and an amazing MP3 player.

If it is connected to your smartphone then you can all the notifications on the smartwatch and access them if you want. So you won’t have to look at your phone again and again if you get any notification of the app.

The watch also has the built in wi-fi so you can also connect it to any Wi-Fi network and get your notification over the watch. There is also Pedometer in it so watch can get all the steps you have taken and count them. It can also work as the smartband and take care of your health.


The GMOVE GW05 is a perfect smartwatch when you compare it with its price. The look of the watch completely resembles the Apple smartwatch. As per the price comparison, the watch has the leverage of that. Besides, it does not have the Heartrate counter and other health applications which but still on this price this is the best smartwatch you can get. When you buy it from Gearbest, it would cost you just $47 bucks with free shipping facility.

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