Gone are the days when accessing your Windows PC remotely required hundreds of steps to be taken. The complicated procedure is now simplified through a simple application called CloudBerry Remote Assistant. CloudBerry has made a lot of software for Mac, and Windows. Well, this Windows remote assistance software from CloudBerry is easy to use and has user-friendly interface as well.

It is, in fact, one of the best alternatives for the lengthy process of accessing your PC remotely. The secure SSL encrypted connection is accompanied with several cool features that make it a fun activity to operate your desktop while sitting somewhere away.

The Key features of The Software?

In this article, we have decided to overview only the prime features of the software so as to give you a better idea of what CloudBerry Remote Assistant is really capable of.

So let’s begin to get the prime features of the remote control application

  • Lets you control, access and manage your PC indirectly:- The handy application turns things quite manageable so that you can execute every task on your PC without facing any hassle.
  • Secured connection:- It’s quite apprehensive to access your PC indirectly through a remote connection. Thankfully, CloudBerry ensures encrypted connection for providing an absolute data security.
  • Voice & Text Chat:- The featured software lets you initiate the voice chat with your PC. Just make sure that the microphone access is not denied by your computer.
  • Encrypted sessions:- With the latest update you are allowed to encrypt your sessions through RSA algorithm. The security configuration pattern lets you encrypt the incoming traffic. The public key is required to be shared through authorized personnel for getting connected to your computer. The feature allows you to decrypt and encrypt your sessions according to your sweet will.
  • Invitation link:- Another feature that is introduced with the update is invitation link. Earlier you were expected to share password and computer ID to let someone access your personal computers. However, the risk factor is now eliminated by instant link generation that gets expired after a particular duration. No one will be allowed to access your PC after the link gets expired. This in turn eliminated the risk of repeatedly accessing your PC in case someone had your computer ID and password.

Setting up CloudBerry Remote Assistant

The first step to setup CloudBerry Remote Assistant is to install the software on your PC and follow the mentioned steps. To setup, the CloudBerry is not a Heraclius task. Even if you are not a technical person you can easily set this up.

  1. Install and launch the application on your computer. Do not forget to check your computer’s ID and password.
  2. After accessing your computer ID and password, enter the same details on another device through which you are accessing your PC.
  3. Approve the connection in the prompt. Communicate the opposite person to accept the request and change the Access security for either partial control or full control depending on your requirement.
  4. In case the opposite person fails to identify such a pond, ask them to select an advanced setting option.
  5. Once everything gets set, the other person will be able to access the computer remotely. Your screen might turn black and the data may get minimized for getting transferred over the network.
  6. The process is very simple and doable. You can now initiate chatting with the other person who is accessing your PC. The message Icon shall be marked red. You can immediately begin with the voice chat by clicking on the chat option. Make sure that both the microphones are turned on.

Availability and Pricing

So the best part is that the application is available for free all over the Internet. You don’t have to pay a single dime to use CloudBerry Remote Assistant. Moreover, there are no ads to irritate you.