You know the purpose and purport of hashtags in generating leads and drawing traffic to your account. Hashtags are a must if you want to promote your product/service and reach a wider audience. A hashtag generator like RiteTag can take your Instagram directives to a new level.

  • Your go-to solution will be to install the app for Android or iOS. RiteTag can bring up the hashtags through notification right after you upload images to Instagram.
  • Open RiteTag and visit Hashtags for the Instagram tool from the menu. Tap on the Sign in with the Facebook setting and approve each dialogue it shows. There are many of them.
  • It will permit RiteTag to load comments and post them on pictures across IG business profiles. 
  • Remember to toggle to the “manage your pages” bar while authorizing the app during the FB authorization process.
  • When you post a new picture on IG, via any app or natively, RiteTag generates a slew of hashtags. It sends you a concerned push notification after they are ready.
  • You need to tap on that notification and select the desired hashtags and post them together or as a comment on your IG photo with just one tap.
  • While using this tool, you need to have a business profile. If you wish to keep it personal, you have another mechanism to get hashtags for your photo.

Packed With New Features

RiteTag 2.0 brings to you scintillating features. It gives hashtag suggestions for photos on any site. It’s great for IG, Facebook, Pinterest, and other extremely visual networks. 

  • Tap on any photo anywhere, which includes pictures you’ve uploaded to your Ritetag Hashtag Menu Bar or Tweeter.
  • The new upgrade enables you to set your RiteTag browser and extension menu to another language. English isn’t compulsory for hashtags for photos feature.
  • You need to login to the extension if you’ve logged out. You need to pay a subscription to the app because it’s a paid feature.
  • Keep in mind to login into the bar with the same social media profile, lest you won’t be able to access your RiteTag account.
  • Right lick on the browser and tap Options. Choose from the list of languages that the extension shows while providing hashtag suggestions for pictures.
  • The best part is you can test hashtags for pictures, including your own image on the dashboard.
  • If you need more traffic to create hype around your post, you can generate auto IG likes through reputable websites.

The Hashtag Generator

The app helps you to select an image from your smartphone to obtain the hashtags on the basis of the image’s content. You can choose the best ones and copy them to the photo caption. You can also put them as a comment on the Instagram app.

  • You can work with captions across social networks with the new hashtags. Share or paste a text of your content to RiteTag app to receive hashtag suggestions.
  • They are all in compliance with your post. You can instantly scroll down to the most happening ones and copy and paste them.

Best Practices For Hashtag

Considering the opulence and frequency of hashtags in today’s social media landscape, you can use them in various ways and across several platforms. Your strategies can vary in accordance with your branded hashtags. It encourages your audience/followers to share user-generated posts or jump on trending tags, creating popular content. 

  • Implementing hashtags isn’t an advanced or difficult part of your marketing strategy. The first leap begins with finding the best hashtags. 
  • You use them within your social media content. It’s not only a guessing game. Each platform entails a search bar. You need to browse through possible hashtags for your IG content. However, these search features don’t necessarily give you an idea about the viability of that hashtag.
  • So, when you use a tool like RiteTag, you have the perfect way of measuring interest in hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. 
  • You can search for a proper industry hashtag to gauge its popularity. You can compare the process to topmost hashtags.
  • For example, if you are using Ritetag on Twitter, it provides a throng of relevant hashtags. It shows the number of tweets that are using that same hashtag every hour. 
  • It shows how many retweets the hashtag is receiving every hour. It also shows how many people are perceiving or noticing that hashtag every hour. Its visibility is important in this context.
  • These lists entail color coding, with green hashtags indicating their current viability. The blue tag shows immediate lower popularity along with a longer lifespan.
  • The red hashtag indicates overused hashtags. The gray ones indicate underused ones that are best to skip.
  • Although the details are exclusively Twitter-based, Ritetag also provides deep insight into IG hashtags on the basis of your search.
  • The information it provides isn’t that in-depth or precise, but it can still provide a great idea of the hashtags that you should use within your IG post.
  • You can also check out the number of people using the hashtags on your Instagram account by typing it into the concerned search bar. You need to tap the Tags section.
  • Click on every tag to check how many posts are integrating that hashtag and if anybody you follow is incorporating the hashtag, alongside the related ones.
  • Running a fashion brand on Instagram is something everyone wants to do. Instagram allows for 30 hashtags. 
  • You can share a maximum of 30 tags and if you want to maximize your engagement and reach, experts recommend all the 30 hashtags. 
  • That’s precisely why RiteTag and similar tools are so helpful to optimize your IG search bar. 

A General Viewpoint

RiteTaghashtag generator for your IG business account is certainly a beneficial tool. The automatic generation of hashtags helps you save a lot of money and find the most popular business modalities. It also does minor improvements and bug fixes.

RiteTag also does enhancements and images load faster when you select a picture for hashtag suggestions. With improved stability and speed, the tool has a neat app design.