Gearbest refers to a unicorn market place and an ecommerce portal that serves customers at global level. The company was established just a while ago and has already captured more than one billion hearts. Each day, Gearbest gets new user base and customers which adds prodigiously to its overall revenue.

Gearbest is not only the first choice of the consumers, but also the most favorite shopping forum of wholesalers and retailers. The wide genres of commodities available at Gearbest are unbeatable in terms of specifications, qualities and rates. Everything is available at one shopping site named Gearbest. The major aim of this site is to serve customers and enhance their shopping experiences manifold. Hence, after every purchase, the company requires you to rate its services along with giving genuine reviews regarding the received products.

Gearbest launches its own discount seasons, sales and open codes for capturing more buyers towards it. The international level company ensures that it is able to make you happy in every big and small occasion by imparting you hefty rebates and BOGO (buy one get one) deals. GearBest offering a great Deal to new coutmore as giving a reat offers on the Brands link Yi, SJCAM, and FURIBEE etc.

During the peak seasons of the year, when all the shopping malls and retail shops sell their products at doubled rates, Gearbest sells products at substantial discounts. The impeccable marketing techniques of Gearbest have resulted in its fast-paced success. Although, there are certain failures through which Gearbest has went through, but nothing up till date has perished the grace of this website.

In marketing terms, coupons can be said as tickets by which a financial sort of benefit can be derived. While purchasing a product, if you are provided with a coupon, this would imply that you are entitled to a rebate or a discount on your purchase of a product or a service. History of coupons dates back to the year 1886 when a Company issued the first even coupon by which the customer would be entitled to a free glass of cold drink. Since then, coupons have been serving as an attractive element while purchasing any products or services. In today’s scenario, Coupons are widely in use. These small documents are placed in magazines, newspapers, envelopes, and mails and even distributed through social media platforms. Internet is by large a wide platform which serves as a promotion tool for a huge chunk of companies. Coupons are used so that customers can redeem benefits out of their purchase. Customers feel a sense of belongingness towards the Company when a Company offers them coupons on their purchase.

Various types of coupons include: give away, festive offer coupons, free shipping coupons, buy one and get one coupons, free trial offer coupons, discounts, first time customer coupons. Benefits of using the coupons include the customer’s urge to purchase. Coupons act as a trigger and help in shooting up of sales of any product or service. If coupons are offered, this will easily create a buzz in the market which would eventually lead to increased sales of that particular product.

A consumer who keeps a track record of collecting coupons and grabbing advantage of discounts is said to be more price sensitive than that who does not collect one. Newspapers serve as the major medium of coupon issuing since print media has the largest share of communication.

Adding on a social perspective to the usage of coupons, Welfare coupons also benefit the society at large. Welfare coupons are distributed to the poor and needy families so that they can afford the basic necessities of life. These coupons encourage the theme of societal welfare.