An Affiliated program is a good way to monetize your websites or any other social media platform to generate an extra income. There are plenty of authentic affiliate programs available on the internet e.g. Amazon affiliate, Alibaba affiliate, etc.

The Affiliated programs from such reputed brands; you can join without any doubt. The commission fee may be low here but they will protect your money and safely transfer it into your bank account.

Gearbest Affiliate Fraud exposed
Gearbest Affiliate Fraud exposed

However, there are many e-commerce sites that are running their affiliate programs and also claiming for providing a high commission for promoting their products.

Such a high commission program attracts many creators. However one should be careful while joining such programs. These fraud programs will ruin all your hard work and suck your money!

What about Gearbest Associate Program? 

Gearbest Affiliate Program
Gearbest Affiliate Program

In this blog, I will give my honest opinion about the gearbest affiliate program. I am working with them for more than 4 yrs now. I will discuss my whole experience with this program. At the end of this blog, you will have a fair idea of whether you should join this program or not in 2021.

So if you are planning to work with gearbest as an affiliate partner then read my experience carefully.

Journey with Gearbest Affiliate Program?

In the earlier days of I had a very good experience as a gearbest affiliate. It is very easy to make an account with the gearbest affiliate program.

In the initial days, they were offering 8%-10% commission for selling any electronic products. That was quite attractive for a beginner who wants to earn some money by promoting some products.

I have made good content around gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, etc at the site named as technosoups. I mostly did the complete review of gadgets; The conversion rate was quite high at that time. I was easily getting an 8% commission for selling the products on my website. That was pretty decent at that time.

I was easily making $500 – $700 each month. I have also created more websites to increase my sales numbers. I worked very hard for gearbest to make maximum sales. I have also started one coupon website especially focusing on china products. Here I was also getting a good response. So overall thing was going quite well.

I was making good sales and in return, gearbest is providing me a good commission. As my commission reached the threshold limit ($1000), I used to transfer this money to my bank account. As you know all that glitters is not gold, same is the case here!

Transferring money from Gearbest account to your bank account

In the gearbest affiliate program, as soon as your total commission reached $1000, you can make a bank transfer by providing your bank details without any fee. The bank transfer generally took 20-30 days

Transferring money from Gearbest accoun
Transferring money from Gearbest accoun

There was also an option for PayPal transfer but it will deduct some fee. The PayPal transfer from your gearbest affiliate account to your bank account generally takes a week.

I mostly prefer bank transfers since the first day of my joining this program. In the initial years, I have easily withdrawn money from my affiliate account without any hassle. At that time I have a strong belief in this program, and also recommended this program to other people for earning good money.

Why Gearbest Program is a Fraud now!

Everything was alright till 2020; they were paying commission without delay. Even if they make some delay that was still acceptable because of the trust they have built with us.

However, after the corona pandemic, they have started doing malpractices. Now if you withdraw your own money they will never transfer to your bank account!

The program is running as before, but it has stopped paying to its affiliates!

If you promote their product now, you will get a commission, it will be also shown in your affiliate account, but you can never withdraw it!! 

For E.g. I have around $2000 commission in my affiliate account. It is the hard-earned money which I earned in the last few years by promoting gearbest product. In sept 2020 i decided to withdraw some money via paypal.

I have made a withdrawal request of $750 in Sept 2020 via PayPal.

$750 withdrawal pending since sept 2020
$750 withdrawal pending since sept 2020

As you can seen in the above picture, it is clearly mentioned that they will pay me before November 19, 2020

So I patiently waited for some time but nothing happened even after 6 month.

They didn’t transfer my money, Neither did they updated any thing in my affiliate account. It is complete a fraud to me!

Why didn’t i contact the Gearbest support team?

You might be thinking why didn’t I contact the gearbest support team. There were plenty of contact ids available at the gearbest affiliate website.

Gearbest support team
Gearbest support team

Let me tell you gearbest has a pathetic support team. I have tried almost all the contact details and mailed them again and again, but they never reply to your query.

After a month is passed after my withdrawn, I have decided to write a mail on gearbest finance team. I thought they will surely solve my issue and will tell me the reason for this unaccepted delay.

My latest mail to Gearbest contact team
My latest mail to Gearbest contact team

Although here too I felt disappointed, no reply came from there. Still, I didn’t lose my hope and keep repeating my emails. You can check the mail below.

In reality, there is no finance team for any kind of communication or support.

There is some gearbest partner who is in contact with you on Facebook, They will also give you false hope and misguide you.

Now it has been almost 6 months passed since I put in the withdrawal request, but I have not received any response from the finance team. In this condition, there is no point in working with Gearbest anymore.

Now I feel that they will never transfer my money into my account.

Final Words

This is my request to all of you, avoid such fraud programs; they will swallow all your hard-earned money.

You may also work hard to promote gearbest products like me, and make a nice commission in 6-8 months… How will it feel when they just block your hard-earned money in the end!!

So this is my genuine experience with gearbest affiliate, I wrote all this so that such fraud does not happen to anyone else.

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