Domain Authority (DA) is a Moz-developed search engine rating score that evaluates how good a website would perform on the search engine result pages (SERPs) to get a better score. A score for a domain authority generally varies from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater potential for better ranking.

Linking root domains and the number of total links of any website are some of the numerous contexts that can be evaluate by measuring domain authority score. After calculating the score, it can then be employed to contrast other internet websites or measure the “rank strength” of that particular website after a while.

Why do SEO experts need da checker?

Free domain authority checker

Bloggers and SEO experts are experimenting with search engine research, content creation, search engine optimization, and digital advertising to attract more visitors to their internet sites and get more exposure. They not only experiment but also keep an eye on their website metrics to understand what’s going on with the development of their internet sites.

And furthermore, somehow, advertising companies and brands are also looking at the analytics before they start any kind of deal or offer. So, you ‘re about to come across lots of tools to use and test out.

What is a good domain score?

DA scores range from one to a hundred, with 1 the lowest score and one hundred the top. It is thus clear that the extra potential of the website to rank in SERPs determines the higher DA score of that website.

Understand that raising the score from 15 to 35 is now much easier and faster than through from 65 to 85. The age of your website, the level of reliable news sources, and the level of possible credibility which Google has for the website can be learned according to the scoring system.

Those websites that comprise a very significant number of standard external links (e.g. Wikipedia or are more often take a higher place in the domain scale, whereas small business owners and web sites with less quality content may have a much lower DA score. A score of one domain authority often represents the beginning of a brand-new website.

Since Domain Authority is actually intended to be an estimation of the efficiency of a site ranking, obtaining a very high DA score should never be your main focus to be accomplished. Thus, it has become easy to measure the DA scores for any of the websites you compete with directly in the SERPs, helping to try to get a higher score than your competitors of the internet world.

In assessing search results and recognizing the sites might have more significant and strong link identities than others, it is effectively implemented as a comparative metric (rather than an absolute and specific score). Since it is a tool of comparative analysis, a “good” or “bad” domain authority score is not especially consistent.

The entire world desperately wants to boost its domain authority online, but how do we know where we are in the middle of the crowd?

Below is a list of a couples of most powerful online domain tools:

1.     Alexa

Alexa provides significant analytics that informs users a lot about their pages’ reputation, but the tools and techniques available go a long way from the field about domain authority. It offers its own classification system, which offers an alternative insight into what a website has its authority. Alexa Rank is a global internet engagement approximation and their respective URLs are placed in order to ascertain how much traffic they inspire in a certain time period.

Alexa Rank is assessed using an average daily customer combination to the requested website and the total estimated 90-day advertising revenue. Behind the Alexa Score, client data and information assist the rating system is interpreted in different ways so you can also see the site increasing or declining visits by statistical measurement in the last three months of encounters.

2.   Openlinkprofiler

OpenLinkProfiler will offer a more effective platform that generates unique insights into the authority of your domain. While OpenLinkProfiler ‘s website is focused primarily on “no thrills” about visual appeal, it offers an invaluable standard of assessment.

OpenLinkProfiler uses percentages to show the output of a questioned website. Consumers are handled with a number of percentage values on the quality and quantity of unique links, webpage links, trusting links, and, of course, LIS at the top of their search engine results.

You can also dig into a great assortment of clips to understand the links on your pages. Based on their source domain, target, and confidence level, users can filter their links – in many other ways.

The awesome feature is that the link effect scoring system of open link profiler can go well beyond the website that you queried. Users can gain a free insight into the score of the websites which connect to the URL in question by using the beneficial side menu on open link profiler ‘s Dashboard. This allows consumers to understand much better the consistency and amount of the backlinks they hit.

3.     Prepostseo

Another domain authority scoring technique is by prepostseo, a reliable and quick tool that is quite popular among its users because it can check 500 URLs at one time only. One can then quickly arrange the results.

The advanced link profile uncovers the domain analysis in more depth and points out about the domain authority, the domain name reference, MOZ rating, and backlinks. Users can also scrutinize and exceed the profiles of competitors in different areas where their dominance is limited by such resources and tools.

Finally, the content quality score analyzes the content of the website and recommends improvements so that the site is more important in terms of organic transportation. Users just have to add the URL in the specified box and click on “Send Button.” Results for both the domain authority and the page administrator are identified.

In fact, to measure DA and PA simultaneously, you can supply multiple URLs up to 100 limits. The tool can solve all difficult and complicated problems regarding domain checking at once. In this tool, Moz Metrics are calculated, and the following results can be displayed in real-time.


Web pages with a lot of traffic and a strong backlink profile typically end up at the top of the DA ranking. The ‘Better’ DA is not like that that it relies on market productivity. You will find it hard to compete with the organic search if you are an insurance company of 10 DA while others are over 70. In this article, we have mentioned best da checkers that can not only help to get better rank on google but also will make assure of your competitor’s rankings.