Well since you’re here, you must know the purpose of Fitness Trackers, but if you don’t already, we’ve been moving at quite a fast pace lately, and while undergoing various technological advancements, we now have Fitness Trackers all over the place. Their prime purpose is to keep track of the person’s overall health and now they’ve entirely been taking the place of regular watches. Here are some of our picks to some of the Best Fitness Trackers Under $200, that are budget-friendly, and value for money. Keep reading for further information. Btw this list isn’t ranked at all. All these products are pretty amazing at serving their purposes and that’s why all of these are value for money and highly appreciated by users. This list is curated solely based on our opinions about these products’ technical functionalities and daily-life purposes. 

Best Fitness Tracker Under $200 Dollars

1Garmin Instinct
2.Withings Steel HR Sport
3.Polar A370
4.Fitbit Charge 4
5.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
6.Apple Watch Series 3

1) Garmin Instinct

The Gamin is one of the most renowned brands in smartwatch manufacturing. The accuracy of the Garmin smartwatch sensor is undoubtedly the best one. But due to not so much popularity, the Garmin has a very small fan base. The moving ahead in the list, here we have Garmin Instinct. All the Gym lover is going to love this smartwatch for sure. The Garmin Instinct comes with a Black & White display and makes you feel more like a rugged smartwatch. Don’t go by the look and design, Garmin Instinct offers tones of features including GPS, Features GLONASS and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-Axis Compass, activity tracker, and more.

Like another fitness tracker, Garmin Instinct also offers a smart notification on your wrist. There is one thing to say about this fitness tracker is, only made for the people who work rough and tough place.

Features Of  Garmin Instinct :
1. Military standard 810G for thermal, shock, and water resistance (rated to 100 meters).
Battery life: Up to 14 days in smartwatch mode, up to 16 hours in GPS mode, up to 40 hours in Ultratrac battery saver mode. 

2) Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings Steel HR Sport is a Fitness Tracking wearable device that not just rules over good looks, it really does the job pretty well. The best part is how seamlessly minimalistic this product is designed to be and how easily it blends with other watches, fulfilling its purposes without being typical bling. Other than the good looks, Withings Steel HR Sport comes with sleep tracking, routine heart rate monitoring, calorie counter, and dozens of other very practical features. We give it a thumbs up on the battery life since according to global users, it can stay up to five continuous days while being charged just once. Not to forget, this isn’t a smartwatch that comes with a big display, rather a clock+fitness tracking device with other features that comes with a relatively smaller display. 

Features Of  Withings Steel HR Sport:
The battery life is Up to 5 days in workout mode and +20 additional days in power reserve mode (time and activity tracking only).
2. WaterProof 5 ATM.
3. Get All The Notification On Your Watch.

3) Polar A370

Polar A370 is one of the simplest yet efficient products on this list. It’s designed like a typical fitness tracker that gets you all the useful features and manages to perform the job at a relatively lesser price. Again, this product is also one of the most affordable products on today’s list. Just like other products, it comes with the bare-minimum features such as sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and obviously fitness tracking. But you can’t just add a full stop to that list of features. From your phone’s notifications to an entire habit monitor and workout instructor, this is one of the most feature-rich fitness trackers, along with a relatively lesser price. We highly recommend it if you’re trying to find a product with amazing reviews and functionalities while going a little easy on the pockets! Extremely price-efficient!

Features Of Polar A370:
Connects with Bluetooth, ANT+, and 5 kHz.
2. Several connections can be active simultaneously.
3. Suitable for swimming waterproof up to 30 m.

4) Fitbit Charge 4

We talk about Fitness Trackers, and Fitbit doesn’t always pop up? Not Possible! Well, Fitbit’s Charge 4 here has got some of the most aggressive specifications in the entire list while quite a simplistic approach is considered for designing on this one. Obviously, All the regular fitness tracking and relevant features like the competitive products are found in this one as well, but it’s also water-resistant, and as a cherry on top, you get dozens of cool and useful features at a much lower price.

Even though you get a pre-selected strap with your Fitbit product, there are always hundreds if not thousands of strapping options to choose from as an aftermarket purchase. The convenience, efficiency, great battery life, personalization, and so many other reasons sum up for making this product a value for money purchase.

Features Of  Fitbit Charge 4:
Buil-in GPS for Keep Track Of  Your Daily Activities.
2. 90 Days Of Fitbit Premium App Trial Version Available.
3. 20+ Goal-Based Exercise Modes.
4. 24/7 Heart Rate Tracker.
5. 7-Days Of Battery Life In A Single Charge. 

5) Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Well, Samsung has been assimilating users’ trust and faith over the decades, and that is one of the reasons why it had to make it up on this list. But aside from that, the primary reason to choose this particular product includes its Convenience, Clean User Interface, Configurations, Functionalities, and overall value that it potentially brings to the user’s life. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active comes with an AMOLED Display with touchscreen controls and configurations. Even though it is supposed to be entirely in the Best Smart Watches list, we believe it costs way less than the value it provides and obviously has highly standardized features and functionalities to offer for fitness tracking and further purposes. It’s like you get the features of both a SmartWatch and a Fitness Tracking Device, but at the price of one. Highly recommended to give a glance to. You can check it out from the given below link.

Features Of  Samsung Galaxy Watch Active:
1. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.  

2. Provides Up to 90 hours stand by time.
3. Automatically detects up to 6 exercises, while tracking up to 39 more, right from your wrist.

6) Apple Watch Series 3

We know you saw this one coming. Apple Watch Series 3 is ridiculously one of the coolest products on this list both in terms of features and Overall Premium Looks. With Apple’s trust and integrity over the years, we all can acknowledge the fact that Quality, Software-Hardware Compatibility, and Good Looks are never compromised by the company, and that’s why it’s Apple that we trust the most. Even though most of the applications and features can be availed after paying a slight amount for each one of them, it still is totally worth it because of the reliability and quality of the product you get.Apple Watch Series 3 It comes in 2 variants, GPS & GPS+Cellular. Again, this isn’t solely a fitness tracker, however, we believe if you get both a Fitness Tracking Device and a Smartwatch in one place at the price of one, it’s totally worth it. It never disappoints the buyers to go for something more efficient and useful if it’s being offered at a relatively cheaper price. Lovely Product, Fantastic Reviews, Highly Recommended!

Features Of  Apple Watch Series 3:
High and low heart rate notifications and Irregular heart rhythm notifications as well.
2. Water-resistant up to 50 meters.
3.  8 GB Of Internal Storage. 

7) SUUNTO 3 Fitness Tracker

Moving ahead, Next on the list is Suunto 3. The Suunto 3 is not so popular smartwatch but we would love to say that it’s an underrated smartwatch or Fitness Tracker. The Suunto 3 offers a lot of features like how many walks you have done, heart rate tracking, calories counts, and others as well. The watch comes with a very attractive design and simple interface. Suunto 3 comes with almost 70 different sports modes, and it almost covers all the modes to keep track of your daily activity. It doesn’t matter whether you have an Android or iOS device, there is no compatible issue. The watch offers the best battery backup in this segment, On training mode without GPS 40h, With 24/7 tracking and notifications 5 days, Time mode 10 days, Training mode with GPS 30h. Overall the Suunto 3 is a nice fitness tracker under $200 price.

Features Of  SUUNTO 3 Fitness Tracker:
1. 30 Meters of water resistance.
2. Adaptive Traning Modes to let you choose the best training mode.

Over To You

Now maybe you have a very clear view about which smartwatch or Fitness tracker you have to buy. We know there is much more fitness tracker but here adding them to this list and making it more complex is not any sense. According to our opinion, you can go with the Samsung Galaxy watch active or Fitbit Charge 4 would be the best fitness tracker for under $200.