Fitbit is one of the bestselling companies which is standing in the industry due to its Fitbit trackers uniqueness. Their range started from the Fitbit charge in the year 2014 and now it has recently launched their smartwatch Fitbit charge 3 which is taking over the world by storm. It comes with all alluring features as a sleek fitness tracker.Fitbit Charge 3 reviewThis has created hype across the globe and in the market of smartwatches as well. It is more in demand than the apple watch at present. This is called as go to smartwatch at present and comes with all alluring features and known for its affordability. It is beyond the level and not limited only for tracking steps.

Attractive Design

This Fitbit charge 3 is trending around with a great number of updates and tweaks and experts are recommending it as the must-have smartwatch. The pre-order lines for ordering are open now and you can place an order online through its official site. The customers placing an order for this Fitbit can get their orders till October month.fitbit-charge 3You can find three different bands for this. It is coming with silicone band, woven one and leather one. You can go for anyone as per your choice. Apart from so many updates, this time it has come with the amazing thing. The Fitbit charge 3 is the waterproof band which is surely going to rock the world.

Better Display and Notification Alerts

You can freely accept or reject calls and can reply quickly with a canned response if you are a user of android. The weather, alarms and timer alerts are coming with this Fitbit charge 3 for the very first time, which was not available in the older versions. This has a sharper, brighter and larger display which helps in navigating software without any hassle.fitbit-charge-3 reviewIts slight curvature panel makes the swiping through its basic UI also smooth. You will be glad to know that charge 3 of Fitbit is also coming with some features which were only limited to the smartwatches. They are customized activities and leaderboards. The exercises which are goal based can act as addition and can allow everyone to select between distance, time and calories.

Water Resistant Fitbit Charge 3

It is completely wearable for all the swimmers. If you are one who ever wanted to track swims, then you definitely need this. This is a led Fitbit which has made it water resistant to around 50m. No matter, whether you are exploring ocean depth or picking lengths in your swimming pool.Fitbit-Charge-3It has also added the laps tracking & duration of swimming, which is accessible from this band only. The other change that you will find in this Fitbit charge 3 is, it’s designing. It comes with a new curve of the aluminum body which makes it 20 percent light and holds a large display of around 40%.

It sits near to the wearer’s wrist and one can feel really comfortable. This Fitbit charge is light and slim and best for tracking the snooze time a well. You will not even feel any pain while wearing it at night. This offers the option of showing all the notifications from the phone.

Affordability and updated sensor

These exercises were only available in the Apple watch which is really expensive. This Fitbit charge 3 is an affordable one and one can enjoy everything on it. It is known as highly consistent and ensures that one can do everything with it. This has added a SpO2 sensor to check oxygen amount in blood and aid in sleep apnea tracking.

One can also find a heart monitor. It comes with 24 x 7 tracking & available online with the NFC payment through the mode of FitbitPay. Its battery life is even improved and can last for around 7 days, without charging it on daily basis. You can call it as a great update over other models.

Place your order now

The water resistance feature of Fitbit charge 3 is the greatest addition. It is coming with improved designing, better life of batter and other features which make it as the affordable smartwatch.