Hydraulic pull cylinders use hydraulic pressure to hold down portions in a fixture. The directed plunger maintains orientation during the full clamping cycle, removing the need for an external guide. Internally threaded plunger ends receive various custom attachments to assist in the fastening process. RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC offers both single- and double-acting pull cylinders, with all volumes. These cylinders are similar in size and building to Swing Cylinders and solid one-piece construction safeguards perfect alignment of internal components and supreme clamping rigidity.

Specifications of Hydraulic pull cylinders

  • Typespe available are Single and Double Acting
  • Standard bore widths are 40 mm – 63 mm
  • Standard knock is 15 mm
  • It has Baked Enamel Finish for an Increased Corrosion Resistance

Applications of Hydraulic pull cylinders

The simple and quick arrangement safeguards easy assembly for standard clamping applications. Hydraulic cylinders were first industrialized in the late 18th Century and they are based on Pascal’s law of fluid pressure, which tells that when pressure is applied to a fluid, an equal pressure will be applied throughout that fluid in all directions. Hydraulic cylinders can be used for any request where a strong push or pull force is obligatory.

They initially found many uses during the industrial revolution, when the increase of factories and production required multiple hydraulic applications. Now, hydraulic cylinders are utilized in equipment across a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, mining, and offshore industries and you can find them in RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC.

Sometimes there is a necessity for large pulling force and when space limitations do not allow for the fitting of a winch or a jigger winch, a hydraulic cylinder specially intended for pulling often will be the number one solution.

Types of Hydraulic pull cylinders

RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC pulling cylinders are basically double-acting cylinders but intended especially for working with heavier pulling forces than normal cylinders. The main changes are the condensed diameter of the rod and stronger end eyes. Special care is also paid to the gland and piston head to cope with augmented deflection of the rod in case of horizontally working cylinders and very big strokes.

Most of the options listed for double-acting cylinders are also obtainable for the pulling cylinders, like dissimilar material, suspensions, many kinds of seal preparations, bearings, etc. The design is based on rough use in eroding environments.

The nominal pressure is 250 bar, though, when higher working pressure is needed the choice of material and design is changed to fulfil the customer’s requirement. The design of the cylinders encounters the requirements of all main classification companies.

Hydraulic pull cylinders Application:

  • Replacement for Turnbuckle mechanism for heavy loads.
  • The compression spring automatically spreads the piston rod when pump pressure is released.
  • For dragging and tensioning in heavy fabrication and maintenance.
  • Valuable in steel structural works and tensioning.

The Pull hydraulic cylinders, single acting spring reappearance in high pressure. Pull force from 2 – 100 tons with a stroke range from 75 mm – 160 mm. Appropriate for diversified uses and for pulling operations and operating pressure 700 bars. The guide surfaces are sized to promise optimal performance in absorbing the offset load and the end stroke ring increases care for the operator by avoiding the extra stroke of the piston. Hydraulic jacks are armed with high-strength gaskets for maximum toughness up to 60° C, upon request it is possible to prepare the cylinder with gaskets resilient to high temperatures up to 200° C. Also, the presence of the wiper prevents contamination from scums present in the environment of use.

The Cylinders are equipped with a 3/8 “NPT female coupling equipped with an anti-dust cap, available with different add-ons and accessories. The External painting for supreme corrosion resistance treatment on all internal mechanical parts for supreme resistance to corrosion and wear. All models considering up to 20 kg are equipped with lifting eyebolts. The Sectors in which they are used are steel mills, industry, infrastructure, engineering, energy, testing, mining, shipbuilding, offshore, oil & gas, and also in transport.

The Possibility to design and produce custom-made hydraulic cylinders on appeal, with devoted geometries, performance, and features. All models can be linked to different drive units such as hand pumps or electric, air, and also in petrol pumps. A wide variety of accessories such as hoses, valves, and also pressure gauges are available for the composition of the anticipated hydraulic circuit.

Hydraulic pull/push cylinders features

  • The Special wipers keep chips and pollutants out.
  • The Hardened chrome alloy steel plungers run lengthier with less wear and drag than any other brand.

The Vent port with the big bronze filter stretches the cylinder a place to breathe and helps keep chips from the drawing past wipers it can also be used for a breather line or it can be used as the double-acting unclamp port. BHC also known as Black Hard Coating on the cylinder bodies helps prevent marking and scratching, particularly in the event of a high side or kick loads which endorse excessive scoring in many other brands. The Proprietary seal designs decrease leakage and also increase seal life for longer-lasting and yields more reliable cylinders.

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