Poor Samsung! It appears as though it is again in a difficult situation. But did it not just come out of one? Read on to find out more.

Everyone knows the proverb ‘Calm after the storm’ and its implications. However, it seems that it is not the case with Samsung and that for Samsung, it is ‘storm after storm’! Just when everything seemed to move perfectly smooth after the messy performance of it’s critically acclaimed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leading to the recalling of the product, it has already landed itself in yet another trouble. This time it is the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 is being regarded as the potential savior of Samsung. While on the one side appreciations about its spectacular display and reports about its beastly specifications are flooding the internet, the model has come under the scrutiny of techies and YouTubers alike after a video of the smartphone’s facial recognition technology being easily bypassed with an image surfaced on YouTube.

source: Youtube Channel – “Marcianoophone”

It all unfolded when a video appeared on YouTube showing a blogger going by the name ‘Marcianoophone’ demonstrating it. The early reviewer set up a Samsung Galaxy S8 on a table and used another Galaxy S8 device to unlock the phone by moving it towards the one on the table. And the phone too unlocked without any problems which signify that biometric scanners may not be the epitome of safety and security features although facial recognition was touted as a great addition to the arsenal of security features present in the recently unveiled smartphone.

Also, the facial recognition technology in the mobile phone has proved to possess lightning quick capabilities when compared to the other security features like Iris scanner and fingerprint sensing which operate with some latency. This has made potential users wary of the mobile’s security capabilities. The mobile phone manufacturing giant has acknowledged this and has clarified that it is not meant to be a security feature but just an easy and cool method of accessing the homepage.

‘Facial recognition is a convenient action to open your phone – similar to the ‘swipe to unlock’ action,’ said a Samsung spokesperson in response to the incident.

It is true that iris scanner and fingerprint sensor cannot be easily fooled but who wants to be fooled by another mobile like Note 7 once again? However, it is to be mentioned that the video was captured during an unpacking event and that the phone may not be running with the planned specifications, it is too early to comment on the security. There is also the fact that Samsung will not sink its own ship with a small flaw in the otherwise breathtaking device.

So let us wait and watch! The game is yet to begin.

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