Facebook is always known for its open social connection and widely known network in the world. FB is always quotes “make the world more open and connected”

Some analyst alleged to facebook that, it uses its data in wrong manner in the newsfeed, which gave a false impression to the users. Some sources criticized that this was one of the reason of winning Trump in the recently held Presidential election of the US. Because all the newsfeed data in facebook of the users was filled with the ‘Trumamania’

Facebook censorship tool

According to some sources and with the some present and past employees of Facebook revealed that a tool is being developed that will hide some specific post from your newsfeed.

This software will filter your news feed according to your country policy. This tool will help a country to maintain its censorship in more easy way.

Facebook itself would not be choosing what is censored. The information would be collected and then passed on to a some third party, which would decide what appears in the timeline of users.

Facebook to build new tool

Many analysts are linking this major step by facebook to get back into the china, where FB was blocked since 2009.

China is being a communist nation had banned facebook’s entry in their boundary since 2009 and the facebook founder and the CEO Mark zuckerberg very well know that its political parties will never allow without the strict censorship filters in the facebook.

If anyhow facebook able to access Chinese market with more than 1.4 billion people, will surely get a great boost in their business.

But this is not the first time when facebook is going to block its content. It’s some of the content are already censored in Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, France on behalf of the country’s privacy policy.