Beware before spreading nudity, violence and offensive post on facebook. Because very soon facebook is going to implement an artificial intelligence algorithm (AI) which will detect offensive post in the news feed.

Yes, facebook now confirmed that they are working on an artificial intelligence algorithm which will root out all the post which will not follow the Facebook’s community guidelines.

Facebook came under fire back in September after it removed a famous image from the Vietnam War. So there were a lot of question raised for Facebook and its role in controlling the fake news and rumours.

Earlier facebook has to rely on the users to flagged out such offensive post, but with the use of this AI Algorithm, it will be very easy and fast too to detect such post.

facebook AI Algorithm

As we all know there are a lot of data such as posts, images, Videos on the facebook. And these all need to be scanned by this unique artificial algorithm for the proper implementation. This whole process will take a very long time for proper scrutiny.

For now, the algorithms are in a limited testing phase on the Facebook Live video-streaming platform. In this testing phase, the humans have to choose which steam is allowed and which need to be removed.

According to the company’s director of applied machine learning, these tests are designed in such way that it will help to fasten your computer vision algorithms.

Earlier it was also confirmed by the facebook that ,it is also working on a censorship tool, which will work according to the country censorship policy. That was considered to be a major decision by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg to get back into the china, where facebook was blocked since 2009.

Whether it is artificial Intelligence algorithm or the censorship tools, these all steps are taken because many analysts alleged to the facebook that ‘It is filled with the tonnes of false data and fake news’. Questions were also raised about how the newsfeed ranks its stories. There should be strict facebook community rules and the tools to detect who is violating them. Just the ‘user flagged out’ is not enough.

Many users may have confused with this artificial intelligence system .To simply the AI System, Company decided to launch a series of videos that attempt to explain how artificial intelligence works.

In the final words, I can say that these algorithms have had their fair share of critics.  It will be great to see how these great steps affect its audience. We have to wait for some time to see it’s after effect in the social media world.

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