In today’s technology-powered world, you can use various gadgets to keep track of your health. You can effortlessly monitor your blood pressure, pulse, as well as sugar levels. But what if there was a product that could help alleviate stress?

ExoGun DreamPro is a device that provides percussive therapy to help you cope with tension. It’s a hi-tech machine with several notable features.

ExoGun’s Percussion Massage

ExoGun’s Percussion Massage

ExoGun is designed to help address many problems associated with the muscles. It performs groundbreaking percussion therapy, producing powerful blows to reach the deepest parts of your muscles. It relieves tension and enhances blood circulation. The gun has a wide range of applications:

  • Accelerating muscle recovery
  • Treating muscular pain and soreness
  • Reinvigorating the body and relieving fatigue
  • Curing spasms, cramps, and knots
  • Improving flexibility and posture

The machine doesn’t only relax the muscles – it also helps relieve soft tissue pain. It generates low-duration, strong pulses that reach inner soft tissue to stimulate blood vessels and improve blood circulation. As a result, ExoGun provides faster recovery time, which is critical for athletes.

The device also has a number of medical applications, such as post-surgery recovery. It can help break down scar tissue, enhance range of motion, and relieve pain. Plus, the gadget can speed up tissue healing and growth to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

SmartShock Technology

ExoGun’s powerful motor (up to 3,200 percussions per minute) features ShockSmart sensitivity for more efficient operation. ExoGun is more responsive and ensures each stroke addresses your needs. It also neutralizes blows from the gun and provides accurate blow energy according to your recovery conditions and requirements.

A Variety of Attachments

You can use ExoGun on nearly any part of your body, owing to four different attachments:

  • Ball head – This attachment covers a large surface and is best suited for larger muscles, such as the chest and hip muscles.
  • Bullethead – Featuring a tapered edge, the bullet head does a great job of massaging the joints and smaller muscles.
  • Forkhead – The fork attachment is specifically designed to target delicate spinal areas.
  • Flathead – This is a universal attachment that suits a number of body parts, including the chest, shoulders, and calves.

Quiet Functionality

Apart from delivering power, ExoGun also minimizes noise. The machine comes with a brushless motor that turns the volume down while the product is activated. But despite the low-noise operation, the item delivers powerful vibrations and blows. Therefore, you can massage yourself at work or the gym without getting on other people’s nerves.

Adjustable Speed Options

The massaging intensity you’ll need for various scenarios differs. For instance, cramps require a more powerful operation for instant relief, whereas sprains are better served with low-intensity blows. ExoGun checks this box with six different speed settings.

Say Goodbye to Tension

With ExoGun’s deep tissue massage, you can handle a lot of problems associated with tension. The machine’s percussion therapy is excellent for virtually all muscles, releasing annoying knots. The result is less pain and a greater range of motion. To get more details on this product, head over to

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