The affordable range of smartphone that just requires you to spend $139.99 in the GOME K1 is available on the coolicool at 53% discount. Launched upfront in the month of May 2018, the device can help you to have huge savings and unparalleled specifications.GOME K1 review

Display and DesignGOME K1 review

Until and unless a smartphone has a versatile display, it’s worthless to buy it. The current generation loves to scroll Social Media news feed and high-quality videos. Therefore, the expected screen size is at least 5 – 6 inch long. The Europe GOME K1 has a pixel density of 1920 X 1080 along with a beautiful screen size of 5.2 inches. The quality resolution the screen is a good option to enjoy videos, movies, television shows, and games on it.GOME K1 reviewThe device having a regular design nothing new. But the fingerprint sensor position is new in this device. Unlike all other devices the fingerprint sensor located at bottom of the device which is covered by the body. This is something new you are going to see. All the other ports and buttons are on the same location like other devices. The phone body is made of Plastic and display is protected with the Gorilla Glass.


The absence of quality hardware leaves the phone worthless. No matter how beautiful the intricacies have been designed, until and unless the gadget is blessed with fast processing speed and sufficient space, it does not win the race. The Europe GOME K1 smartphone has Helio P20 MTK 6757 2.3 gigahertz Octa-Core processor. Altogether, the device runs fast and does not irritate by hanging in the middle of nowhere or heating excessively.

The cool and calm device works peacefully despite operating multiple tasks on it. Besides, the 4GB RAM gives it all the capacity to tolerate heavy games and HD movies. The 64GB internal space is not the only option for storing your information. You can expand it through SD card with TF card expansion support available.


The only thing is not good about this device is an operating system, it runs on the Android 6.0 which is quite old. But still works fine and company promising it will get the update soon. It sufficiently supports software and application. The users who do not have a lure for latest technology can certainly avoid the operating system part of the device. With the availability of Oreo and Noughat, the Europe GOME K1 smartphone manufacturers should have at least selected 7.1 OS version. However, as long as the quality of graphics is concerned, the device does not leave any stone unturned.


The next important thing in the Europe GOME K1 smartphone is the quality camera it has. The 16 megapixel back camera clubbed with 8 megapixel front camera is good enough to save you from bad picture quality. The final verdict of smartphone quite a lot depends upon the camera quality it has. The good quality camera with high resolution screen identifies the phone amongst best in class best budgeted gadget.GOME K1 reviewThe camera successfully works in low light conditions using the LED flash it has. The availability of light is not necessarily required to click quality pictures through the handset. You can have best pictures once you allow the LED sensors to work. Users can download mobile camera applications that allow you to improve the front facing camera quality during video calls and selfies.

BatteryGOME K1 review

Do not take a backseat in reviewing the battery life of the Purchase handset. The inability of any smartphone to last for whole one day makes it absolutely a waste of money. When you talk about Europe GOME K1 battery backup, it has a powerful 3500 MaH battery support with 5v/5a quick charging feature. It’s interesting to compare the battery quality of the budgeted gadget with other devices having similar features.

Other features of the gadget

  • NFC -Europe GOME K1 features near field communication for establishing Radio Communication with other gadgets. It ensures convenient cashless transactions and better communication from the user end.
  • Wideband adaptive – the full HD quality voice calling is only available in improved smartphone handset. The noise in background can hamper the telecom calling experience the device is inefficient. However, with wideband adaptive multi-rate Technology present in smartphone review, you get along with best quality voice calls.
  • Tethering – no matter whether you use the smartphone to get connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the tethering options would benefit you in other ways. Also, you can create your own Hotspot and share the internet with different digital gadgets.
  • GPS -the online map service from Google is dedicated to give you exact location every time you check in it. The embedded software of GPS is certainly a must-have feature in every smartphone you buy.


Any smartphone that lies within a range of $100 to $300 is affordable. Therefore, when we talk about Europe GOME K1 smartphone price and features, they are absolutely synchronized. The features are indeed better when you compare them with the price tag of the device. Order it at coolicool at a discount of 53%.