By reading and understanding the needs of a normal user, mobile company Elephone has manufactured and brought up smartphone named “Elephone Solider” with best every features in a budget range of $300. Right from being stylish and comfortable to carry, it is very handy and user-friendly mobile phone with all features like high processor, good battery life, amazing camera, water resistance etc.

There are many features that Elephone is offering with a Soldier in a medium budget, which can be afforded by a middle-class user. To gain an insight of this phone, let us learn about its main features.

Elephone Solider Review, Features, Price

Elephone Soldier mobile is safest even when it falls off the ground out of your hands. If you happen to drop your mobile by accident, it’s tough and hard body doesn’t get affected. It is a 3 defense TPU chassis made of shock absorbing materials, alloy frame that doesn’t let anything happen to the mobile. Even when your mobile falls to the ground by the screen, its screen, which is as hard as nails, doesn’t get affected.elephone solider reviewThe 5.5 Inch of display offers the 2K resolution and offers a great viewing angle. The display is vibrant enough to let you see the content even in the daylight. Moreover, it is also protected with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. There is no chance to get any type of damage to the display.elephone solider reviewEvery smartphone user wants its smartphone to run fast, without any delays, without getting hung up. Elephone Soldier contains a cluster with premium Helio X25 MTK6797T Deca-core processor, which ensures all type of workloads is managed easily by your phone without getting stuck or hanged. Whether you’re using high-end applications or high graphics games, this phone never fails to surprise you with its amazing speed.

A better processor must be equipped with the better RAM and ROM as well. The Elephone Solider have the 4GB RAM, and 64 GB ROM. The internal storage can be expanded through a micro SD card up to 128GB.elephone solider reviewIt’s the happiest experience for any person if that person gets to capture all moments of their lives in a phone. Soldier’s gives you an amazing experience with its Sony 21 MP rear camera quality. To capture the world in more real time, it also offers 4K shooting to record any experience without getting sad about its quality.

Many renowned phones like Blackberry fail at the feature of battery, to be with the user at the crucial situation when the user is out of the home, due to low battery capacity. But more solid excels here to give you long battery life with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh that stays up with you 40% more in comparison to other mobile phones. By having a high standby time, it keeps running to secure you in any situation.

Elephone Solider Rugged Features

SOS – Smartphones are called smartphones due to their ability to understand the requirement of the user and react accordingly in the time of need as well. This mobile phone comes with a wonderful feature of SOS, which is a necessity in today’s time. Just with a single button, you can reach to your relatives and friends to communicate them about your situation and location, so that you can travel without any worries.elephone solider review

Compass – Even if you’re not having a battery in your phone, the soldier doesn’t stop being smart for you. It is right there with a physical compass at the back side whenever you have the need to find the direction to move and find a way.

Music & sound quality – It offers you an amazing and soothing sound quality so that you can have fun while watching your favorite movies, listening to your favorite playlist without any harshness bringing out more emotions out of your heart and let you feel amazing. The more you listen, the more you fall in love with the music, just because of the amazing sound quality that it delivers to your ears.elephone solider review

Waterproof & Dustproof – Many phones go to scrap just because they get crashed or lose their life once water and dust makes an entry in the hardware. But this phone, having any IP68 certification, removes any fear of going in the water with the phone as it has the capability to keep working even when submerged up to 1 m.

Elephone Solider Price

So, as you see, Elephone’s Soldier smartphone has all the features and specs that will make you fall in love with it. That too at a low budget giving a tough competition to the high-end phones. The CooliCool which is another renowned E-commerce platform offering a great deal on the Elephone Solider, 15% Discount.