Elephone S7 4G Phablet Review –

Elephone S7 4G Phablet Review
Elephone S7 4G Phablet Review

It’s actually a bad news for any company hearing product reviewers say that, their product is a replica of another trendsetter. How does a cell phone maker follow the lead? How do they maintain their uniqueness and sell it to the public despite the negativity surrounding it?

Such is the case of Elephone’s newest flagship the Elephone S7 4G Phablet, named after the widely known Samsung Galaxy S7. Of course, Reviews have been nothing but criticizing this stunning phone for its sheer similarities with the biggest contender in the Asian markets Samsung. But is it that similar altogether, or are there any differences to it? Did the Makers of Elephone S7 copied more than just the smooth curved design from Galaxy S7?

In this article, we are going to elaborate the specs, performance, and pros & cons of Elephone S7 4G phablet. So let’s find out


Elegant design of Elephone S7
Elegant design of Elephone S7

The designing team of Elephone S7 had no problem copying Galaxy S7 Edge, to the bone. Which is why it’s called a ‘look-alike’ of Galaxy S7. The body has a metallic and glass finishing with neatly curved edges. What it lacks, however, are the raised edges for when you keep your phone face down, there is nothing to protect the device’s smooth glass screen from being scratched. But the company says that they have built a layer of protection on the display.

Same goes for the backside, which is so smooth and a sheer work of metallic beauty but offers no support in any form regarding device protection, so a Glass protector for the front and a phone protector from the rear are a must with this phone.


Elephone S7 5.5" Phablet phone
5.5 inch 4G Phablet

The S7 has a 5.5-inch display, which is a little larger than an average phone released in 2016. Because its screen is over 5.3 inches, this phone also qualifies as a phablet. Which also means that for most users, the phone will be difficult to operate with one hand when compared to phones with smaller screens. But that is something people are already used to I guess.

The screen has a resolution of 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels, making it a 1080p HD screen. Display sharpness can be measured in the density of pixels per square inch of screen, and at 401 PPI, it’s 1.4 times sharper than the average phone released in 2016.

Elephone S7 wins in the Department of color temperature adjustment, video frame adjustment that lets you experience the pleasure of watching videos without hurting your eyes. And it comes equipped with a light sensor that can adjust the light intensity depending on the users surrounding.


Robust Hardware
Elephone S7 has Robust Hardware

When you’ve got an affordable phone that looks like a flagship, you want to make sure it performs like a flagship as well. The Phablet version of this phone uses the latest Helio X20 10-core CPU, putting it among the highest performers on the market. Each core runs at a blazing 2.0 GHZ, ensuring that even the most demanding apps run at top speed.

For RAM and memory, you’ve got two possible configurations. You can go for the less expensive 3GB RAM with 32GB of storage, or you can opt for 4GB of ram with 64GB of storage. Both are very impressive performers. Even the 3GB version ran everything I could throw at it. How do you decide between the two? In our opinion, the 4GB version is for consumers who want their phone to last for several years. There aren’t a lot of apps on the market that can take advantage of this much hardware, but a year down the road you’ll be happy you chose it.

Some consumers might not care about the internal memory but will care about the storage. In that case, there is no need to worry. The phone has a second SIM card slot, something that’s not particularly useful in North America. However, the second SIM card slot can be used for an SD card up to 128GB. That means a hybrid sim tray that allows you to expand memory and you can hold all the media you would want.


13 MP Rear and 5MP Front Camera
13 MP Rear and 5MP Front Camera

The camera is the most important part of the smartphone for a majority of users who love to capture pictures and record videos. The Elephone S7 comes with a powerful and high configured 13MP rear facing camera that supports handy features like F2.2 large aperture, real-time HDR, anti-shake, wilful shooting, panorama and much more. And To capture sweet selfies or join a video conversation, there is also a 5MP front camera available in this phablet phone which is very convenient


Elephone S7 has Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Elephone S7 has Android 6.0 Marshmallow

 The phone runs on the Android operating system, which is currently the most popular platform on the market. The S7 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box which is the most renowned operating system around the globe which is very simple and easy to use with its material design and easy to understand UI.


The Elephone S7 4G Phablet comes with built in 3000 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery. As the device comes with quick charging technology, it supports Quick charge 2.0+, which means you can recharge the device battery 50% within 30 min and 90% within 60 min which is really great


Other Features
Other Features


If you were to pick up a Samsung phone today, what would be your biggest concern? Obviously, consumers are concerned about the fires that have been caused by them. Fortunately, Elephone found a creative approach to this problem. The S7 is a fraction of an inch thicker than Samsung’s alternatives, allowing them to use proper hardware design that doesn’t risk producing the same level of heat as the Samsung. Another added benefit is the fire proof shroud surrounding the interior. Is it necessary when no other phones beyond Samsung’s custom hardware have had fire problems? Probably not. But it certainly offers peace of mind for those who purchase it.

Now, most consumers are probably more concerned with issues that arise from dropping or scratching the face. The Elephone S7 is wrapped with a metal band that keeps things safe, even when accidents occur. The curved glass face, as we’ve seen many times before, is going to be much more damage proof than the straight glass face. However, if you want to be extra cautious we’d still recommend picking up the inexpensive TPU cash that’s available.


Elephone S7 also comes with great features such as GPRS, Edge, 3G , 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio and USB. Also, a fingerprint scanner is placed under the Home Button which is common for most smartphones produced these days.

E-Touch 2.0 Enabled

The fingerprint sensor also features E-Touch 2.0 that enables smartphones to read interactions that helps them to guess and work accordingly. In simple words If you light touch the fingerprint reader it will work like back key, Twice light touch=Home key, simple press home button=Home key, Twice press home button=shortcut key, Long press=recent apps.




Elegant and attractive designBattery capacity is not good enough (Only 3000 mAh)
Runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating SystemNon-Removable built-in battery
OTG and OTA supported
Dual Nano SIM and Dual Standby feature
Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Smart gestures, Etc.
Large size capacitive display with 1920 x 1080 resolution


This is also an ideal cheap price smartphone that comes with ultimate configuration and best performance. You can buy this smartphone from the link on coolicool for less than $129.99 with some extra discounts ELEPHONE S7

Final Verdict

The Elephone S7 is the perfect phone for power users who want the best, but don’t want to pay for it. At this price point, we’re confident that you won’t find anything better.

For most people, the selling feature will be the incredible unibody design. We can honestly say that we haven’t reviewed a more attractive phone. It’s sleek, modern, and simply appealing. But the design isn’t all it has going for it. As long as you spring for the 4GB model, you’ll be able to enjoy hardware so powerful that it will keep up with the latest games and apps for many years to come.

Hope this Elephone S7 4G Phablet Review help you in your buying decision. If you still have some doubt before buying this product, feel free to ask us. Just leave a comment below.