One of the names in the rising era of Cell Phone companies is Elephone. It is a China based company, first introduced its product back in 2004 and now is continuously rising with its excellent products and exceptional service quality. It is a dynamic company, regularly updating itself to the needs and expectations of the customers. It has a scientific environment, filled with continuous research and experiments. It creates a sense of responsibility among its members who strive towards delivering the best product to the people all over the world. It has been successful in getting a share in the market through its wide range of products. The latest launch of elephone is Elephone P8 4G Phablet. Let us take a look at its specifications and see if it goes to the expectation of the customer base or not.

Elephone P8 4G Phablet 

Elephone P8 phablet is usually advertised as a smartphone, which is the ultimate tool to capture the beauty of the world around us. Elephone P8 phablet actually boasts of its camera and its range. With best quality optics and design, this phone has indeed not failed its customer base.

Design & Display

Elephone P8 phablet has a bright Red shining colour, according to the news published by the company, there are Golden and Black versions is also available in the market. The façade of the smartphone is entirely made of glass, with a glass home button. This home button serves as a fingerprint sensor along with delivering the basic home button functions. The volume buttons are meticulously designed and based on the left side while the power button is on the right side along with the sim card slots.

Elephone P8

Elephone P8 phablet has a screen of 5.5-inch FullHD resolution with 1920×1080 pixel display. This resolution concludes a pixel density of 428ppi which is exceptionally good.  It ensures a crystal clear image without any roughness or visible pixels. Elephone P8 phablet comes with a display of JDI in cell display which is equal to the display of iPhone 7. The glass is slightly rounded on the sides and gives a very handy strength to the phone.

Hardware & Software

There is one thing special about this company, that is Quality. In terms of quality, Elephone P8 have a promise able device, it runs on an Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Users have never to worry about the latest update because elephone never lacks behind in anything. To ensure that you make use of all the features present without worrying about the battery, a Jovian 3600 mAh, the non-removable battery has been provided.

Elephone P8

To ensure that you won’t feel any kind of lacking while performing multi-tasking or playing games like HALO, NOVA, or Asphalte it has a huge amount of RAM and ROM. It runs on a 6GB RAM with 64GB ROM which can the expandable memory of 128 GB. The Mali T880 GPU never fails to provide the lively and unimpeded experience of games. The gigantic 6GB RAM makes the multi-tasking smooth as butter without any impediments. It has a good system optimisation with good performance and a very affordable price.

High-Quality Camera

Elephone P8 has been equipped with a magnificent 21 MP rear camera and a 16MP front camera, for the most meticulous, discerned and vivid picture capturing ever. This time, Elephone P8 surely will provide you with the selfies and the portraits you will love. The front facing camera of Elephone P8 has coincided with the new optimised algorithm. This results in more vivid and natural looking selfies with all the details and real skin tone. Though the front camera is excellent, the rear camera is better than the best. It has a 21MP camera with behemoth quality and features. So if you plan to go to a trip then make sure you do not forget your Elephone P8. It captures the most beautiful moments in a more realistic yet aesthetic way.

Elephone P8

Though the front camera is excellent, the rear camera is better than the best. It has a 21MP camera with behemoth quality and features. So if you plan to go to a trip then make sure you do not forget your Elephone P8. It captures the most beautiful moments in a more realistic yet aesthetic way.

Additional Features

This is attraction point of the Elephone, they also offer something new which you can’t find in another smartphone. The Elephone P8 has loaded some of the most advanced features as:

Mute Button: 

Elephone P8

Like Apple, One Plus, Elephone P8 also brings the mute button on the left side of the phone. Whenever you are in the meeting or need rest, just press the mute button and your device will be mute. Now you don’t have to do it from the setting and to make it on the ring again go to setting. Just One button and it’s all done.

Front Finger Print Sensor:

Elephone P8

The front fingerprint sensor will keep your data secure. It can also use in another way like to get access another app you don’t need the third party app. You can lock any app with this sensor. Now your data, chats, mail will be secured on your fingerprint.

Sound Quality:

You will get an opulent feeling of high sound quality, it pushes you to imagine that you have actually invited a world famous band to your doorsteps and they are performing at your home. The reason for this impeccable sound quality is NXP intelligent sound amplifier. It helps in providing you with the most vibrant and vivid sound experience.

Battery Performance

The Elephone P8 running on the 3600mAh battery. It will take 7-8 hours charging time and keep the device running for almost a day. Overall the battery is decent but taking too many photos will drain it fast.

Bottom Lines

The Elephone P8 is a nice and decent device to buy. The device is featured with latest and quick response processor. The 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM makes it faster and you can perform all task without any hassles. The device is listed GearBest at a discounted price. So, you can buy it from there, the discount is for the limited time. So and grab it before it too late.