Yes. From now on Elephone P25 will be called Elephone P8 and its official. You would wonder what is in a name. But the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Elephone P8 has other ideas. Since the smartphone market in China is too crowded, the manufacturer might have thought that there is more to a device’s name than just identification.

Elephone P8, previously called Elephone P25, is said to be available in India from May this year. The best possible explanation for the name change is that this year, 2017, is touted to be the year of 8. From the released Samsung Galaxy S8 to the yet to be released but announced iPhone 8, the front-runners of smartphone market race have named their flagships with 8. Also, these smartphones are high-tech devices that are touted to be game changers in the smartphone market with their over the top specifications. Hence it is only natural that the Hong Kong-based Android and Mobile phone manufacturer changes the name of the device to appear quite appealing and relatable.  And Elephone has succeeded in doing that.


The announced features and specifications do appear quite appealing. In fact, if the new Elephone P8 performs commensurate with its software and hardware capabilities, it can easily be one of the best smartphones of this year. The new Elephone P8 will hide an Helio P25 Octa Core Processor under its hood and it might have been the reason for its original name. The processor is definitely one of the best which can perform fast and efficient. The cameras of the new Elephone P8 will be the highlights of the phone. The primary camera will be a 21MP Sony sensor while the secondary camera will be a 16MP Sony sensor. The front camera is surely a take-off from average smartphones which have sensors in the 5-8 MP range. The Elephone P8 will run on the newest version of Android, Android V7.0. Perhaps the best thing about new Elephone P8 is its memory capacity, 6GB ROM, and 64GB internal storage.

Elephone P25

Although everything looks good, there is a small problem. One of the first smartphones of Elephone to make a mark was called Elephone P8 and now Elephone P25 will also be called ElephoneP8. It is quite confusing, isn’t it? Also, the Elephone store still does not list the new Elephone P8 while the Elephone P25 still finds a place.

So, whether Elephone is trying to make a statement or not is a question that still remains unanswered.

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