Although it is relatively new to the smartphone market, Elephone, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has been pushing itself hard to bring out high-tech gadgets at prices affordable by the common mass. Its name skyrocketed when it introduced smartphones like P6000 and P7000 in the market and it is known for designing smartphones with huge battery capacity.  But for some reason, it loses track of its announcements and fails to bring it back until it is late. The thing is that it announces a lot of gadgets but is unable to roll them out or give information about them for a large span of time. But it seems that Elephone has resorted to keeping it all clean as it has dedicated a web page for sharing details about its creations. It has also shared pictures of the smartphones that are about to be launched. Hopefully, Elephone will keep track of its announcements and keep the page updated.

Elephone will launch 6 smartphones this year and many details, if not all, are mentioned in the official website of Elephone. Though it is cool that Elephone has announced 6 phones, there is something crazy going on about the names of the phones. And do you know what? Except for one phone, all the other phones will carry the number 8 in their name. We don’t know if this 8 will bring good luck to Elephone or not but it undoubtedly ups the ante in the market. The six phones to be launched are Elephone P8, Elephone P8 lite, Elephone P8 mini, Elephone X8 lite, Elephone S8 and Elephone Play X. Out of the six, X8 lite has the most powerful processor. It runs on MediaTek Helio X30 processor and has 16MP cameras in the front as well as the back. It is also expected to have RGB Chameleon Technology.

However, X8 lite doesn’t have the luck to be Elephone’s flagship. Elephone S8, which has already garnered enough attention through rumours, will be the flagship smartphone. Rumours and the picture suggest that S8 will have a bezel-less screen and it looks quite attractive. Its design looks similar to Xiaomi MI mix but there are certain differences. The flagship will be powered by Helio X20 processor coupled with a 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. It will run on Android V.7 as a standard. The rear camera of S8 will be a  21MP shooter while the front camera will be an 8MP shooter.

Currently, everything appears to be good for Elephone. But how fervently it will keep the site updated and deliver the smartphones will decide its game and name.