A smart band or smartwatch is the second most compatible tech paired with your smartphone. It should be, because of the functionality and features. Both the watch and band can let you notify everything on your wrist. But for all the user’s it not possible to afford a smartwatch and smartband because of its price. But here we have a great option of that Elephone ELE W7, it’s cheap and performs all the features and functions like Samsung, Garmin smartband.

The Elephone ELE W7 is one of the cheapest and effective smart band available in the market. The Band is featured with the features like Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor. The .96 inch display is a color display is able to show you all notification of your wrist, and you can also change the modes as well.

There is a lot more to know about the Elephone ELE W7 smartband so let take a look at the review of Elephone ELE W7 smartband.

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Elephone ELE W7 Review: Specification & Price

Xiaomi Mi band 3Specification
Display0.96 inch TFT screen
ChipsetNordic 52832
Health tracker: Heart rate monitor,Pedometer,Sedentary reminder,Sleep monitor
Compatible OSAndroid, iOS
IP standartIP67 waterproof & Dust Proof (50M waterproof)
ConnectionBluetooth 4.2
Battery160 mAh With 25 Days standby time

Elephone ELE W7: Design and Display

The outer look of the band is just like other smartband but on observing closely, the actual improvements in the look can be noticed. The oval look has been turned into slight sharps at the corners. This has improved the shape to a great extent and has made it even more attractive.Elephone Ele W7 reveiwThe black matt finish is luring, and the belt has been made of leather finish which looks very expensive at the very first look. About the display, the TFT display can be appreciated, and the one-inch long screen compliments its design and build.

The screen type is touch screen and a display which is not full HD but very close to it. The design is given keeping in mind both the genders, and it doesn’t sport a gender-specific look which is given by many manufacturers by providing colors like pink and blue.

Elephone ELE W7: Features

The Elephone WLE W7 offers a lot of features like GPS tracking, Weather Forecast, App Notifications and so on. So let’s take a look at them One by One:

Weather Forecast and GPS Tracking

It comes with features which were earlier available only on mobile phones and computers.  Features like weather forecast are new in watches. Earlier Samsung, Apple, TicWatch is offering this features in their smartwatch but now Elephone also brings this feature in the budget smart band.It uses Google news forecast for displaying weather news and forecasts. The .9″ display shows you all the Weather news on your wrist.Elephone Ele W7 reveiwGPS tracking was present earlier also, but it didn’t give access to maps and locations. This time it has all the access resulted to Google. GPS tracking has enabled to track locations and distances covered in a lap or the entire day depending on periods set by the user.

Heart Rate Monitor And PedometerElephone Ele W7 reveiwIt continually monitors the user’s heart rate and prepares data accordingly. The data is then displayed as and when required by the user. It is very vital when it comes to maintaining cardiovascular fitness. The data displayed can be used to access the health of the person. The heart rate is automatically displayed when it is very high or becomes out of the normal range while exercising or jogging.Elephone Ele W7 reveiwIt also has a pedometer which tracks your steps and gives the number of steps walked. This can be used to calculate the average speed. You will also get the Map location of the route you have taken while jogging. There are also others modes like Climbing, Tracking, Treadmill etc. 

Water Proof & Dust Proof

This is something which is very essential especially in watches which is worn in every condition. Protection against elements is critical. The watch is IP67 certified and protected against almost all hostile conditions including rain and water splashes.Elephone Ele W7 reveiwIt also gives protection against dust and rain and other hostile elements which may damage the internal working. It works even during the swimming, and the respective sports mode is switched on its own when the user dives in.

Records Sleep Data

This is also an important aspect as the sleep data is indeed necessary when it comes to maintaining health. It records complete sleep data and notifies about any improvements if required and tells the user to have an ample sleep. And it also notifies you if you are set for a long time, that take a small walk.

Elephone ELE W7: Battery

The battery is very essential as if it does not give a good back up, all the features would fade away when the battery is not working. If the battery back-up is right, it can work for long durations.

It sports a 160 mAh battery which is indeed more than sufficient for a small screen like smartwatches. The Elephone Ele W7 provides the 7-10 day’s of battery backup in 2-3 hours charging. The battery being so good, people will surely hit the markets like anything after this has been accessible to them. 

Elephone ELE W7: Pros and Cons

  • The battery back-up and display is the best in class.
  • The waterproof and other features which protect it are indeed commendable.
  • Easy connect to music is also excellent
  • When a person wears it, it imposes a weight kind of thing as it is not very light.


Elephone ELE W7: Review & Conclusion

This band from Elephone is an excellent smart bracelet and has almost all the features which would make it very favorable for people looking for a low budget smartwatch. The protection against climate and all hostile conditions make it the best available choice if the user is a frequent traveler. It comes with various sports modes which can be switched to when the user is under those conditions.

Overall it is an excellent choice for everyone with a moderate budget and who possess a good choice.

Design & Display
Heart Rate Monitor
Pedometer Sensor
App Notification
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