It’s impossible to get a budgeted smartband that tracks steps, calorie and even does heart rate monitoring with high quality aesthetics. The Elephone band 5 offers high quality features that are going to make it a perfect pick for you. The Chinese Giant Elephone is making lots of attempts to make a different mark in the Tech market. with Rock bottom prices of the products, you are going to repeatedly choose gadgets from the house of Elephone.Elephone Ele 5 smartbandDespite having the price of just $28, Elephone ELE band 5 has everything that you want in a typical fitness tracker. It covers are the basic features like speed tracking, phone notifications, movement reminders and calorie count. Apart from the it is also waterproof now i think this is too much from a $28 smartband.


ELEPHONE ELE BAND 5Specification
Display0.96 inch TFT color screen
ChipsetNordic 52832
IP standartIP67 waterproof & Dust Proof
ConnectionBluetooth 4.0
Battery90 mAh WIth 10 Days Backup

Elephone ELE 5 Band: Design and display

The basic design of the Elephone band 5 is better than the average bands out there. It has got a rubber strap that makes it up comfortable and beautiful Looking. The strong and secured features come with clever wearable Technology.Elephone Ele 5 band review

Elephone fitness band is not even charging a bit of what the leading smart band manufacturers are charging. In other words, you are simply paying the price that you want and yet getting a device that has a colored screen. The 0.96 inch long screen allows you to read everything clearly from far away. You don’t have to raise the wrist to view the content.

The crisp and sharp display carefully tracks your movement. It also determines up the wake up screen through the setting option available.Elephone Ele 5 band review

Dark colored Elephone band 5 straps is good for both male and female users. In fact, on testing the durability of the stuff, we found it much sturdier than the normal rubber straps floating out there in the market.

Elephone ELE 5 Band: Unique Features

Desppite the price of $29 this smartband is flooded with the features. The better quality Pedometer available in this particular version, you can receive certain unparalleled specifications that are going to provide more accuracy. The fitness tracker would easily synchronize and track the exact number of steps taken by you. As long as you are carrying the Elephone band 5 on your hand, it is going to detect the fitness level for you. The intense exercises and workouts are identifiable by the device.Elephone Ele 5 band review

The users can conveniently start the outdoors activity of cycling, treadmill and running as the tracker is going to lend a helping hand in everything you do by counting the calories.

The heart rate tracker and optical sensor continuously measure the reading and provide Ideal data accuracy. The Elephone band 5 can be considered as a medical grade instrument which is highly impressive and featured. The auto detection of sleep lets you grab quality nap without worrying about the wake up time. It would vibrate after a certain time period on its own when it thinks you have sufficiently slept.

Elephone ELE 5 Band: Water Resistance & Dust Proof

The dust proof and water resistant quality of Elephone band 5 allows you to take shower and do the Washing task without caring about moisture seeping in. The smart band can withstand  heavy water splashes . It will never affect the workability of the device. You can literally wear the device 24×7 as long as you do not take a dive underneath the swimming pool.

Elephone ELE 5 Band: Battery

The biggest positive feature of the Elephone ELE band 5 is the 10 day battery backup provided. With just once in a while charging, you can get accompanied with 10 day battery backup when the device is normally used. The overall mileage can certainly differ a bit depending upon your needs and how the tracker is used. However, in a general parameter, Elephone band 5 batteries is claimed to be powerful. But make sure that you carry the USB else it is impossible to charge the device.

The clean interface allows the device to synchronize with different applications. That makes it easier for you to interpret the data and the steps taken. The screen summarizes everything precisely and gives you absolute clear coaching for your workout just like an expert trainer.

Elephone ELE 5 Band: Price and Availability

Availability of Elephone band 5 is particularly on Gearbest at a promotional price of $18.99. The deal is absolutely ID for buying something worthwhile this year. You don’t have to spend intolerable amount of money on a fitness tracker and struggle with complicated features. The Elephone band 5 has got decent deal on Gearbest. also it means that the Software and Hardware combination is worth an appreciation.

Elephone ELE 5 Band: Review 

All in all, the Elephone band 5 has impressive features and everything that makes it user friendly. The pedometer, sleep monitor, notification and powered battery backup make it a gadget that every health conscious person should order. Available at a special rate on Gearbest, the users must place their orders and grab it before the sale ends.