In the past decade, our mobile phones have become an irreplaceable staple of communication. We need to be constantly connected, and we do so much more than just talking on our phones. We exchange emails, video calls, we follow each other on social media and tap into the vast common knowledge that is the Internet. More than ever we are dependent on our devices, and we rely on our mobile network for all of this.

It’s even more frustrating then that we often find ourselves lacking the signal bars we so desperately need. Even in urban areas, we get hiccups in coverage, which make the most basic tasks such as a phone call strenuous. If you’re someone who uses their phone daily for work, this can be more than just an occasional nuisance. Luckily, EE has a solution for your reception trouble.

EE is the largest mobile network operator in the UK, providing 4G coverage for over 99% of its population. No network is all-covering, however, and there are certain obstacles that impede reception no matter where you are. One of those is concrete, so if you find yourself in an urban area with no reception it could be because you’re underground or because your building has thick walls. Another reason could be the distance from the cell towers – that’s why remote areas tend to have weak or no coverage. Big geographical objects such as mountains tend to block signal as well (If you’ve even crossed mountainous terrain and found yourself without reception it was probably because the mountain was blocking you off).

That’s where mobile signal boosters come in, and EE has you covered in every situation, be it at home, in the car or in the office. Mobile signal boosters take the existing weak signal and amplify it, emitting the augmented signal into your surroundings. This signal can be up to 32 times stronger than what your device otherwise receives!

Boosters come in many shapes and sizes, but they generally have three main components: The receiver antenna, the booster box, and the emitter antenna. The receiver antenna is placed outside and it sends the signal it soaks up to the booster box. The booster box acts as a resonating chamber, amplifying the signal and sending it to the emitter which serves as a stand-in cell tower for your home, car or office. The models differ in strength and number of carriers they can provide the signal for, depending on whether you need to cover only your car or the whole office building.

Although this may sound like some sophisticated technology, EE signal boosters are easy to handle and don’t require any special knowledge to set up. After you get the box with the components (and hopefully some cable, although you can buy a regular cable on your own to extend the given range) you just follow the simple instructions and in less than half an hour you should have your signal booster up and running!

As mentioned, the three main components are the external antenna, the booster box, and the internal antenna. You want to set up the outdoor antenna in a place where the signal is the strongest (preferably a high place). Keep in mind that although the booster can exponentially amplify reception, it can’t augment the signal if there’s no signal whatsoever. Direct the antenna towards the nearest cell tower for best performance.

As for the booster box, you can set it up anywhere as long as the place gets enough ventilation. When installing your inside antenna, make sure it’s facing the opposite direction in regard to the outside antenna, at a distance of 20 to 50 feet. Anything less and the signals might interfere with each other (in which case you can block the interference with a sheet of metal or radiant barrier sheathing). Once you connect all the parts and plug in the booster box, you should see a light indicating that your EE signal booster is running.

As you see, any DIY savvy individual can install the whole thing in no time! If you’re setting up a signal booster for your car or office, there are minor differences (depending on how many antennae you need if you’re looking to cover a bigger area), but the basic principle is the same. Do make sure to inform yourself about the best model to suit your needs, as boosters differ in the number of carriers they can support and the square they cover.

So now you know everything you need to get started and equip yourself with an EE signal booster. Be it in a car, at home or in an office, your work needs never again suffer due to spotty reception or a weak signal. Enjoy EE at its fullest and never have an interrupted phone call again!