How many times have you used your mobile phone to shoot a clip?

Gone on a road trip and forgotten your camera?

Totally have thousands of pictures of your trip to the beach on your phone?

Know your mobile phone can take the best shots whenever you want?

Counting to carry your mobile phone as your sole plan of action?

Well, with technology, that’s what you get. Over the past decade, mobile phones have taken the lead in being the go-to device for a man’s digital needs. Be it digital payments, be it clicking pictures or shooting videos, be it conversations or be it business, a mobile phone can do it all.

Talking about photography or videography, gone are the days when one had to spend lakhs of rupees and carry around expensive and bulky DSLRs for all types of shoots, travel, wildlife or personal. Especially videos, which never found a sole popular device to give a name to, mobile phones have upped the game.

You shoot all types of clips, be it a 30-sec slow motion, a quick boomerang or a long blog video, you can shoot it all on your mobile phone. However, to match up to quality, to keep up with trends and to go above standards, editing any clip is important. Editing works in different ways, mostly by available softwares on both, your mobile phones and laptops. However, our approach always suggests a widescreen, crystal clear and on-point desktop editing, to keep the video at-par and not degrade quality.

Why should you edit on your desktop?

  1. File Size

One should know that any large video file cannot be processed on simple mobile editing software. To process large video files, it requires not just a higher storage capacity but also occupies more memory space, none of which are highly limited in a mobile phone that you use for your daily activities.

Hence opting for a desktop editor allows you to save up on aspects, especially if you get a free editor like VideoProc. Yes, apps like VideoProc are available on both Windows and Macs.

  1. The additional fun

When you opt for a good desktop video editor, which is not just fast but also easy for you, you will find some fun along the way. Softwares like VideoProc always keep space for giveaways or contests which have offers like a free higher version, a one-month YouTube premium subscription or another online application, all pluses for any influencer or brand marketer.

Infact, all the basic needs are check-marked, you get zero quality degradation, high scale work and then a platter full of benefits.

Our suggestion, only for you:

Considering all the needed features to process a video, be it availability, ease, speed or branding, you have to find a desktop editor that has a good free video editing review and you can count on. Our go-to suggestion is VideoProc which works marvelously for all types of videos, all types of editors and all types of content. Here’s why –

  1. Variety of choices

To give you a simple overview first, VideoProc contains a ton of options to edit large videos especially mobile videos. The VideoProc webpage has an edit toolbar which has all necessary as well as unique options for editing.  Cropping, merging and splitting are the simple choices you’ll need to opt from when you start editing your clip.

Now, considering how you probably host videos, there can be unstable bits in your mobile shot or some fish-eye, both of which can be solved by an easy Videoproc solution. The deshake and fish-eye removal options are also available in the toolbar. Other adjustments are brightness, contrast and colour adjustments.


  1. Full GPU acceleration

By a full GPU acceleration system we mean the availability of high speed and quick functioning software, like VideoProc. With a 47x times faster speed on VideoProc, the availability AMD and NVIDIA technologies, commonly known as the best in the market, the processing, editing and managing speed of the video automatically boosts up, reaching the maximum potential.

Moreover, a full GPU acceleration allows an increase in memory saving capacity, less storage usage and removes any possibility of any lagging.

  1. Format it right

Your mobile clip can have a plethora of formats, quality or sizes. Moreover, most social media platforms have specifics regarding uploading content, right from the quality like 1080p or the size. Be it a 4K video, any large video file or a simple mobile boomerang, VideoProc has more than 370 input codecs and 420 output codecs, out of which you can choose and convert files for any sort of sharing or upload.

Here’s a video tutorial for you, if you want to explore the details:

Final words.

There is potentially no reason why you shouldn’t opt for VideoProc as your primary editing tool, especially if you are just starting out. Most YouTube or Instagram influencers, bloggers or artists use basic editing and move up the ladder during their career. The entire point is to keep it real yet make it beautiful, relatable and creative, everything which can be achieved by VideoProc. An easy-to-use software, no lack of easy solutions and the answer to all your questions: VideoProc. It will help you edit large video files that makes your life simpler, especially in the long run.

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