Streaming live sports, movies and TV shows just got a lot more fun with the dragon stream! The best part about this dragon stream add-on is that it’s smooth. You won’t have any buffering issues while watching your favorite entertainment at ultra low latency thanks to its intuitive design which quickly allows you access into different categories! In this article we will help explain how it works as well as provide some tips that may make installation go quickly from beginning to end.

What Is Dragon Stream?

With the Dragon Stream Addon, you can watch your favorite sports live and in high definition with ease. With one simple click on this add-on for kodi it will stream all kinds of channels like never before! This is because they are specifically designed to offer users what they need most – access to LIVE Sports events alongside great quality video content without any buffering or delayed playback issues whatsoever. Not only sports shows, but you can use it smoothly for streaming tv shows and movies on almost every channel of the world.

How To Install Dragon Stream On Kodi

Dragon stream Kodi is one of the Kodi add-ons that needed to be installed and selected for streaming. For using dragon stream Kodi, you must use VPN to avoid future complications and streaming issues. Firstly, download the dragon stream repository, then download the dragon stream add-on from the repository. 

After downloading, you need to install it in your Kodi; you need to follow these steps carefully.

  1. Your first step begins with the homepage of Your Kodi. Many tabs may be found on Kodi’s home screen, including videos, movies, programs, music, and much more. Locate for setting options and open settings by clicking on the button.
  2. A setting window will appear then you have to look for the system option to choose.
  3. On the system window, go to the unknown sources and enable installation from unknown sources, then you will be able to install Dragon stream from a third party.
  4. Turn on your VPN and then again go on the settings option to choose file manager.
  5. You will locate an additional source option on the file manager menu, double click on add source, and when you select the Add source option, a dialogue box will appear, prompting you to enter the file source. 
  6. Select the first text field box with the default content of <None>. This area is set aside for inputting the media location path.
  7. Then enter the URL of your Add-on location. After providing the link, you have to name it. Once you name it, press ok.
  8. After finishing the above steps, again go on your Kodi’s home screen, click on the system, look for the settings tab, open the tab after locating it, and finally go to the add-on option.
  9. Then open the package installer and install your downloaded dragon stream add-on zip file.

The media source we created in the previous step would be in the “Install from zip file” folder. This folder would house the folder with the name you previously assigned. Then select the file you just named in the above step and choose to install it. You will get a confirmation notification once your add-on is installed. And that’s all! You’re all set!


The dragon stream add-on is one of the best and most delicate add-ons you will ever use. it might look a bit complicated on the first look, but it will be pretty easy once you get into it. I hope this guide will be helpful and easy to follow for you in adding the Dragon Stream add-on to your Kodi. 

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