Twitter has become the best source to share your thoughts, Photos, and Videos with all around the word. There is a limit of the character, you can only write up to 140 words to share your thought. So, the user finds a new way to share their thought as Video. We all know that Audio visual is the best form of expression that anyone can present. That’s why people are moving towards the Video posting on Twitter. Now in case if you want to download twitter video then that is a little tricky.


Today we are going to share with you some very easy way to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone, iPad or Android. You just follow the given guide and at the end, you will have your twitter video. So, without any delay jump to the Download Twitter Videos.

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Download Twitter Videos on iPhone, iPad, or Android

Frist we are going to see How to download Twitter Videos on iPhone, iPad. All you need to do is just follow the given instruction:

Step 1: If you have the Twitter app then open it otherwise install it from App Store. Head toward the video that you want to download, just long press on the video link until a menu appears. Then choose the copy link option.

Download Twitter Videos on iPhoneDownload Twitter Videos on iPhone

Step 2: Now open the browser, doesn’t matter what browser you open whether safari or chrome it will work on both as well. To download twitter video open and paste the link. You can also use the DownloadTwitterVideo or VideoGrabber site.

Step 3: Pate the twitter video link which you copied into Step 1 and tap on the Download button and here you have the video on your iPhone.

Download Twitter Videos on iPhone

How To Download Twitter Video on Android

If you are android user and then you have plus point against iPhone. As we all know, on android play store there are many apps to download twitter video. Not all of them works well, so we listed some of the apps here. Also, you can try the iPhone methods to downloading twitter video.

Apps like Video downloader tweetSave Twitter Videosvideo downloader for twitter, and GIF | Video | Tweet Downloader. But for now, I am choosing the GIF | Video | Tweet Downloader. So, let’s see how it works:

Step 1: If you have the twitter app the run it otherwise installs the app from the Play Store.

Download Twitter Video on AndroidDownload Twitter Video on Android


Step 2: Now download the GIF | Video | Tweet Downloader from play store.

Step 3: Open the twitter app and go to the video you want to download and choose the share option. It will show you some options to share the video now out of them choose the App you have download in Step 2.

Download Twitter Video on AndroidDownload Twitter Video on Android


Step 4: After choosing the app it will open that app and it will load that video. It will take a little time after loading the video tap on the download option and it will start downloading the video.

The other app will work also the same ways you can download try them also if you want.

Download Videos from Twitter on Mac or Windows

This is not possible every time you have your smartphone. In that case, you want to download the twitter video then how do you do that. Here is the solution for that, there is some software which can help you in that. So, let’s see how it works:

Step 1: First we have to download the MacX Video Converter Pro. Luckily this software is available for the Windows and Mac.

Step 2: Now log in your twitter account and head towards to the video, right-click on the video and copy the video link.

Download Twitter Videos

Step 3: Run the MacX video converter pro and Click “YouTube” icon then “Add Link” button. Paste the video link over theirs. Choose the output format from the popped-up window and locate into the drive where you want to save. Click on the Download and your video will be downloaded.

Apart from above mention software, there is one more software for Mac which can help you to download the Twitter videos on your desktop. Elmedia Player is one of the methods to download Twitter videos on Mac. Also use Elmedia Player PRO to save videos from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion etc.


The above mention all the methods to download twitter video is trusted and working. Now you can download any twitter video you want on any platform. In case you have any other way to do this then please share with us, we will love to know.