Doogee Y6 Piano Black Review

Doogee Y6 Piano Black Review
Doogee Y6 Piano Black Review

In today’s time, many Chinese Smartphone companies are emerging, and they are capturing the growing Smartphone market all over the world. Earlier they were limited to the China region, but in the recent times, they have become well-known name in all over the world. Company like Xiamoi, Vivo, Doogee, Cubot are some of them. Most of them are offering high-end specs to their customers, but how many of them are serious about the innovation and intelligent technology in their lucrative budget devices?

DOOGEE is the mobile phone company whose core value is innovation, dream and credibility toward their products. DOOGEE Mobile makes its products excellent but economical. Some of the popular product of this company are DOOGEE TITANS DG150, DOOGEE RAINBOW DG210, Doogee Shoot-1 and the recently launched Doogee Y6 Piano Black 4G Phablet. This 4G Phablet has many unique features, so here I am providing the full review of this amazing phone.

Design and Appearance:

Design and Appearance of Doogee Y6 Piano Black
Design and Appearance of Doogee Y6 Piano Black

When we buy a mobile phone first thing come in our mind is the appearance. As its name suggest Doogee Y6 Piaono black has glossy jet black colour. As per the company to create this astonishing look they have followed the nine-step process of anodising and polishing.

The phone has all black metal unibody.When it is in a locked condition it looks like a black diamond. On unlocking, the sharp colour just catch your eyes!


5.5” Sharp HD display
5.5” HD display with 2.5 D Screen

Doogee Y6 Piano Black Smartphone has 5.5” Sharp HD display. Like all the new Smartphone this phone also use 2.5D glass for providing a better look. The phone screen is of IPS type with 25% brighter display. The colour of this HD device is quite vibrant and accurate.

Operating system and Processor:

Operating system and Processor
Operating system and Processor

This Smartphone runs on Android 6.0 Operating system which is quite good. When we talk about the processor Doogee Y6 Piano Black sports Octa Core processor 1.6Gz with powerful MTK6753 64 bit chipset. This phone has 4GB Ram and 64 GB ROM. This is one of the plus points of this phone, because you will not get a budget Smartphone with 4GB Ram. Phone work very smoothly with its massive 4GB Ram, So one thing is for sure Mobile Gamers will love this device.

Camera and Sound Quality:

13 MP Rear and 8 MP front Camera
13 MP Rear and 8 MP front Camera

Doogee Y6 Piano Black has 13 MP Rear and 8MP front camera. The good thing about the cameras is that both the cameras having Flashlight, Which you generally miss in a budget phone. As I wrote earlier this Doogge Company always give value to the innovation and latest technology in their devices. To following the same, Its 13 MP Samsung camera has amazing PDAF ( Phase detection Autofocus) feature. This PDAF feature is mainly available in DSLR Cameras which help in ultra fast focusing.

Its 8MP Selfie camera with front flash is good for taking selfies. It also has feature for auto beautify and makeup. Girls will love this features for sure. This 8MP camera gives perfect selfie at Beach.

It has found in many budget Smartphone that they provide many high-end features, but the things they lack in is the sound system. Doogee Y6 has smartPA feature, which controls the unnecessary vibration of the speakers. The sound of this device is Powerful and accurate.

Battery Life:

Battery Life is one of the major concern in large screen devices because it is quite easy to understand that larger the screen size, more energy it needs to brighten up.  This Jet black phone non-removable 3200mAh Built-in battery. This battery is quite sufficient for this 5.5-inch smartphone.

Other Important Features:

similar to Jet Black iPhone7
Quite similar to Jet Black iPhone7

Doogee Y6 Piano Black 4G Phablet is Dual sim phone with both the sim slot supporting micro sim card. You can also use an external memory card in the TF slot, and expand its memory up to 128 GB. It also has a Fingerprint sensor in the back side.

This phone has many sensors such as Accelerometer, Geomagnetic Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor which are very common now-a-days.

Accessories with Doogee Y6 Piano Black Smartphone:

When you buy this amazing device, you will get following accessories along with the cellphone Earphones, Power Adapter, USB Cable, Leather Case, Back Case, Screen Protector, Cleaning Cloth, English Manual, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Phone Holder, SIM Needle

One thing you will notice that everything is made of pure black colour even the dam Sim Needle!

Should you really buy?

Doogee Y6 Piano Black is a feature rich budget phone. It’s astonishing glossy jet black colour gives this device a brilliant look. (This Jet black look become talk in town after the release of jet black colour iphone7) .The camera quality of this phone is superb. If you are much of look conscious with decent feature then you must try this phone.

Best place to buy:

This phone is available on very few e-commerce store. The best place to buy this Smartphone is the gearbest. There is a pre-sell booking running on for this device and they are also providing a good discount on this amazing phone. They are also offering free delivery worldwide for their customers. Check out the below link to buy this phone.

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