Recently, DOOGEE MIX is in hot sale in e-markets. It got top sale in Banggood for a whole week, and now is available in AliExpress. Next week it will start a launch sale in AliExpress with an attractive price tag from $169.99. DOOGEE claims the first shipment of 100,000 units of DOOGEE MIX has been made, and they exposes some pictures from their assembly lines today.

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DOOGEE MIX is produced, assembled and tested in DOOGEE factory, where holds a high standard of quality and safety in smartphone production. It takes 160 days for a DOOGEE MIX being produced and tested in the factory. And they will all go through over 140 kinds of quality tests before being packed to deliver.

Good news is that DOOGEE MIX are all ready for shipments now. These photos showing them get final tests in the factory. DOOGEE also announced DOOGEE MIX in stock can be shipped from June 20th. So you can get the high-end product in several days, depending on the destination.

Here is a video of DOOGEE MIX stress test:

Salt spray test makes sure DOOGEE MIX is safe from splash or corrosion.

50,000 times of click is made to test the sensibility and durability of the screen.

DOOGEE MIX will be put in a lab to make the constant temperature and humidity test, which has a large range of -50°to 70°to imitate an extreme environment use.