Most of the smartphone users crave for more battery life. The biggest battery in standard smartphones was 5000 mAh. But 12000 mAh is next level. A battery this size should last you 4 to 5 days easily if you are moderate user and for a heavy user it may last up to 3 days. The phone is not just all about the battery, the hardware specs are also top notch with octa-core ARM processors. Unequivocally this is the best battery life smartphone ever made.

Apart from the battery, there is a lot more to know about this flagship smartphone. So, let take a look at the other features and hardware specification of the smartphone.

Design & Display

The full metal back is huge add on the phablet’s appearance department. The rounded edges give you extra comfort unlike the old Nokia and Sony Experia phones which for some weird reason made rectangular bricks instead of smartphones. Though the shiny rear will prove to be more dangerous than useful, a simple Dbrand skin or case would sort the issue. If you don’t use any cases, you might get annoyed with the smudges on the rear end of the phone. The shining glass provides the stunning look just like iPhone. It comes in two colors as Royal Blue and Black. Doogee-BL12000 reviewThe design and weight of the BL12000 are quite big due to its big battery. The screen is FHD (1080 X 2160 pixels), LCD, IPS display. With the superior specs, this smartphone offers an OLED display might have been a better choice. The aspect ratio is 18:9 with 6 inches of display. The aspect ratio is similar to many phones which launched in 2017 but the 6-inch display like iPhone X will take the users breath away.

Hardware Specs: Processor & Memory

It runs on octa-core ARM-A53, out of which 4 cores run at 2.5 GHz and other processing cores running at 1.6 GHz. Octo core phones are not uncommon, but this does take a toll on phones with the lesser battery pack. Thank god BL12000 has it covered. The smartphone comes with two internal memory versions, 64 GB and 128 GB. Unless you are a hardcore mobile gamer you won’t need 128 GB. Also, you can extend the internal memory up to 256 GB using a microSD.

The memory is also impressive with 6GB LPDDR4X RAM. You can easily play high-end graphics games with no jitter and lag. Though that depends on the frames per second your display supports, the RAM will definitely have no problem supporting your needs.

Camera: Dual Rear & Front As Well

Doogee-BL12000 review

It has dual rear and front cameras. Most of the smartphones don’t really care much about the front-facing cameras but BL12000 understands your selfie needs and offers a 16.0+8.0 MP dual front-facing camera. That means you can take group selfies with the wide-angle lens and portrait mode selfies too. The rear camera also packs a punch with 16.0+13.0 MP rear facing camera with AF.

Attractive Features: OS, Connectivity, Sensors

The phone comes with Android Nougat 7.0, an upgraded Oreo version would have been convincing with these specs. The upgrade for Oreo remains unsure at this moment.

The 4G/LTE support does add an extra punch to the entire spec sheet. It also supports VOLTE, which means VoIP is not a big deal anymore. There are two sim slots, one for Nano and other for Nano/microSD). The hybrid sim slot may bother the users a little bit. If you are using microSD too, then you can’t use the other Nano sim slot. That is just frustrating!Doogee-BL12000 reviewThis Phablet also rocks a fingerprint sensor, which according to the peer reviews is almost instant and doesn’t take too long to open the screen.

One thing most of the 2017 flagship premium phones missed out is a headphone jack. Even Google after bragging so much about retaining headphone jack in Google Pixel first version removed it in the following edition. BL12000 Pro definitely scored more point for retaining the headphone jack.

The phone also comes with fast charging technology despite being a micro USB device. This will definitely help you to charge the awfully big battery.

Battery: 12000mAh 

The Doogee BL12000 Pro is one of the longest battery life smartphone ever. The question is how long it can run with one fully charged battery. If you are a moderate user then it can last long up to 5 Days which is extremely commendable. The standby time of the BL12000Pro is 42 days and 90 Hours on call. If you are planning for a long weekend then this phone can work as your power bank. Doogee-BL12000 reviewThe disappointing thing is it does not have the USB 3.0 Port but still support the fast charging thanks to the powerful charger. It comes with the 12V-3A charger which charger this device quickly.

DOOGEE BL12000 Pro: Review & Conclusion

Overall performance is laudable. The spec sheet is clean without leaving any gap for extra hardware requirements. The price is also affordable at $300. Anyone would definitely enjoy the experience with this Phablet. Also, the added battery life will make sure you don’t run out of charge easily and it will back you up when you need it the most. If you are craving for extra battery life you can blindly go for this phone, without looking at the spec sheet, although the spec sheet is impressive, and it does compete with some of the leading smartphone brands.

Design & Apperance
Memory (RAM + ROM)
Camera (Front + Rear)
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