The DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate smart watch is ultimately a tiny size smartphone. It gets all the functions and notifications right on your wrist so that you remain updated 24×7. And, the better part of this piece is that it has all those features that are enough to make it a complete gadget to own. Talking about the novel integrations, DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate Smartband has GPS, pedometer, heart rate sensor and motion tracking system that will turn you into a better person. It would track your calorie consumption and the exercise level for communicating your health level without any kind of medical reports.

And look? Well, DOMINO DM58 Smartband. Has looks to die for! The stunning dial and the high-quality band at such a low price is sorting that you don’t usually get to see. There is a lot more this smartband can offer you let’s take a look at them:

Dial and Band

The Dial and Band define the smartwatch quality. The DOMINO DM58 is available with a round shape and medium sized dial, you cannot say that DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate Smartband is a gender biased product. It has a zinc alloy casing material with a silicone band that turns the watch into a much graceful piece. No matter whether you love to party or prefer to wear watches during the office hours, in either case, it is a perfect accessory for your wrist.

Display Quality

The screen of DOMINO DM58 is .95” with the best touch function. You don’t have to press the screen hard to make it work. Just a feathery touch is sufficient to make the watch work exactly like you want. The watch is programmed to display the notification like Calling, messages, alarm and much more. It’s like a smartphone on your wrist.


DOMINO DM58 Smartband

Smart watches were a risky affair so far as most of the people either could not afford it or were incapable of tackling it. Moreover, the software they had were somewhat technical and non-friendly that made people reluctant to wear such watches. However, when you a watch like this, you don’t need to feel apprehensive about anything. The DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate Smartband has the latest compatibility for both iOS and Android software. The watch performs seamlessly with both software all the features are easily accessible.

Battery Performace

Any gadget that is inefficient with its battery level spoils it all. However, to keep the things at its best, DOMINO DM58 watch is embedded with 120 mAh battery powers that exactly consume 2 hours to get charged. The standby time of the watch is 7-10 hours, whereas the watch would function for more than 8-9 hours when used at a stretch.

Health Monitoring Tools

Today bust lifestyle no one has time to keep it self-fit. Well, in that case, the DOMINO DM58 is the best watch for you. The watch is programmed to keep track of the Hear Rate, Blood Pressure, Pedometer, Sedentary, Sleep monitor also. All of your activity will be recorded by the watch. If you want to use it like fitness band that will be great or you can replace that also.


The watch also has the WaterProof and Dust Proof design. It has the IP67 certified. Now you can use it while swimming to manage your heart rate.

Other Functions & Features Watch Can Perform

DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate Smartband

Since DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate Smartband is a tiny smartphone, it has everything that a typical smartphone would have. You can get the wonderful smartphone functions like Bluetooth calling, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and other social media access at no special effort. Moreover, the sleep monitor and the blood pressure features would keep you fit in all the circumstances. This masterpiece would never let you get late for your meetings or morning workout with its reminder feature. Also, it has a separate alarm clock so that you never miss out seeing the morning sunrise.


The DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate Smartband is water resistant that makes it more durable and handy. You don’t need to think about it when you are wet in rain or swimming. Furthermore, The GPS onboard further turns traveling into an easier affair. You can jog or travel wherever you want without getting strayed at all. Design wise, DOMINO DM58 Heart Rate Smartband much resembles with the Apple watches. The intuitive controls and protected build of this piece would definitely make you feel complete with this match.