An incredible number of businesses are choosing to move much of their operations, including their communications to the cloud. But despite this trend, when it comes to call centers, the cloud isn’t always the best option, especially for enterprise businesses.

Each business has its own unique needs that come with serving its customers. Considering your needs and the benefits that different types of call centers can offer is a must if you want to choose the right one for your company.

The Benefits of Cloud Call Centers

With customers increasingly choosing to interact with their favorite businesses on the web rather than in person, moving your business to the web offers plenty of practical benefits.

With a cloud call center, all communications with clients, including inbound and outbound calls, social media interactions, emails and more, are accessible online from anywhere and at any time. All your business needs is internet access and a laptop, desktop or even a tablet, and you can operate your communications with ease.

One big benefit of cloud-based call centers is the opportunity for cost savings. Because they require no infrastructure and can be integrated with existing technology, it costs far less to set up a new system.

The Benefits of On-Premise Call Centers

Any business that wants full control of their communication software, including the security of their system and all of their tech, will be better suited with an on-premise call center. Being on-premise makes it easier for businesses to customize their solutions by integrating with the technology of their choosing.

For businesses that are particularly concerned about protecting their client information, on-premise call centers can also add an extra layer of protection. With a cyber attack by a hacker occurring every 39 seconds in the U.S., lessening the information stored on the web can ease the minds of some business owners. Not only is less information stored online, but with cloud-based call centers, the security of a business’ customers is in the hands of the cloud vendor, rather than the business.

The amount of time it takes to migrate an entire business’ communication and records to the cloud can also cause a major delay to a its operations if it is done too quickly. With on-premise call centers, you won’t have to experience any delay in service.

Aspect’s enterprise customers lean towards on-premise call center software to better serve their own customers. With customized solutions designed to fit each business’ unique goals, time constraints and budget, this solution can help you build on your existing communications investments and improve your workflow.

Choosing the Right Solution for Your Business

Choosing between cloud call centers and on-premise call centers means choosing the best solution for your business. If cost-savings, convenience and the ability to work from anywhere are your top priorities, cloud-based offers obvious benefits. But businesses that want full control of their security, an adaptable system that builds on an existing one and no delay to their business operations during a cloud migration, traditional on-premise call centers are the clear-cut choice.

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