DJI has taken the photography and video functionality to the next level by introducing the hand-held Osmo, Osmo Plus. Both of them are pretty good and made a great impression on the users. But Now DJI has taken this to another level by introducing the DJI Osmo Pocket poses a serious competition to other rivals.

This tiny, small gimble has capable to record videos at 4K and also has the 3-axis image stabilization. The DJI OSMO Pocket is too small and very compact, you can even carry this into your pocket. There are a hell lot of features and functionality, so let’s see the complete review of the OSMO Pocket.

DJI OSMO Pocket: Design

Not only is the design very practical for usage, but the Osmo Pocket is also very lightweight. This makes the mechanical gimbal very easy to store and carry around while traveling. The device weighs just 116 grams and has the following dimensions of 121.9 x 36.9 x 28.6 mm.DJI OSMO Pocket review

It has a 3 axis Mechanical Gimbal ensures a high stabilization during shooting videos or clicking photos. It has a sandstone handle which is slip-proof and sweat-proof. This provides a comfortable grip while handling.

The built-in touchscreen and basic control buttons enabling smooth single hand usage experience. Modes and settings can be adjusted quickly. It has a type-C port and also a dedicated memory card slot. The Gimbal has 2 physical buttons as well to change the modes and start, pause, or stop recording the videos.

DJI OSMO Pocket: Features

The DJI Osmo Pocket comes with many unique features and upgrades which makes it stand out from its other competitors in this price range. The 3-axis image stabilized gimbal has an algorithm that ensures a control accuracy of ±005°. This 3 axis handheld gimbal adjusts itself in real-time according to the user’s movement. This makes the video or photo less shaky than optical image stabilization or motion stabilization.DJI OSMO Pocket review

The OSMO Pocket is able to capture the videos at 4K in 60FPS. The Gimbal has active tracking, FPV mode, Slow Motion modes to make your videos more impressive. The 3×3 Panorama captures the entire scenery in front with exceptional details.DJI OSMO Pocket review

There is one DIY port, with the help of that you can connect your smartphone and unlock the advance setting of the Gimbal. To do that you need to download the DJI Mimo App it will let you do all the changes like shutter speed, white balance, ISO settings, and night mode as well.

DJI OSMO Pocket Accessories

The Osmo Pocket also has various tweaks and accessories which enables the user to have a smooth user experience. The Osmo Pocket supports numerous accessories so that the device can be protected as well as used in any type of situation. These are:

  1. Charging Case – It helps to charge the device and has space for two microSD cards, four ND filters and two smartphone connectors.
  2. Cover – A lightweight case, providing protection to the device.
  3. Accessory Mount – Enables Compatibility with a wide range of sports camera accessories for the DJI Osmo Pocket.
  4. Extension Rod – Provides expandable length, a gimbal control function, buttons on the handle and 1/4-inch tripod mount.
  5. Wireless Module – Enables Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for providing remote control and transmission to the smartphone.
  6. Waterproof Case – Enables the device to shoot at underwater depths of up to 60 m without compromising any details.
  7. ND Filter Set – Regulates the amount of light entering the sensor and making the device adapt to any lighting condition.
  8. Controller wheel – Has a dial controlling the pan and tilt. Two operational buttons enable improved shooting.
  9. 5 mm Adapter – Allows usage of an external microphone for recording clear audio.
  10. Quick-Release Base – It uses a twitch-lock mechanism attached to the accessory mount and an industrial adhesive strip for a firm hold on the stuck surface.
  11. Battery Life – Equipped with a type-C port, the Osmo Pocket gets charged very quickly. It has a 140-minute long battery life, even while continuously shooting 4K videos.

DJI Osmo Pocket: Reviews and Final Verdict 

The DJI Osmo Pocket has become widely popular, especially for people traveling and filming vlogs. Its hand-held mechanism without any external support has been widely appreciated. Also, its compact and lightweight size makes it very easy to carry around.

The mechanical gimbal shoots smooth video and photos and along with the highly developed Mimo app, customization of the camera and editing the videos finally provides cinema-like videos. At $349 with actual mechanical stabilization, the Osmo Pocket defeats all the competitors in this price range. This pocket-sized all-in-one gimbal device is a must buy for photography enthusiasts who want to upgrade their shots without learning any complex mechanisms, techniques or highly expensive professional accessories.