DJI MAVIC PRO – One of the Best Drone in 2017 So Far..

Everyone likes to fly. And who does not dream of being a pilot? But it is a well-known fact that becoming a pilot professional is not so easy. However, do not lose heart. Enough of being a flight passenger! So get a drone and be your own pilot. This article will expound on one of the best drones flying now – DJI Mavic Pro.

dj mavic pro

If you are a drone enthusiast, you would instantly recognize DJI. For those who don’t know about it, here is what you need to know. DJI is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer drones and is a front runner in the drone market. With the introduction of the aforementioned, the company is still way ahead of others in the market race.

The Mavic Pro is relatively smaller than its Phantom counterpart but is still as powerful as they are. It is so compact that it can be folded into the size of a water bottle! Wonder how? Well, it is designed to let its arms be folded small enough to be carried in a small shoulder bag. But don’t worry! You won’t break it as it can be folded only in one way.

dj mavic pro very much compact

The best part about this drone is it 4K camera. If you are considering aerial photography seriously or even if you want your photos to be taken at different angles, this is your best bet.  At $999, the drone can capture professional quality photos effortlessly at 30 fps. With a well stabilized 3-axis gimbal, the camera can capture images without any blur even while on a flight and can be controlled by the press of a thumb. The flight stabilization system integrated with GPS will allow it to be used indoor as well. However, the DJI Mavic Pro’s low weight can be a bit of a problem in windy situations. Better not throw it up during a heavy wind.

Also, this small drone comes with several attractive modes. If you are planning to snoop around, the active track mode makes the drone latch up its vision on a fixed subject to track it. And then there is follow me mode by which you can make the drone follow its controller and have a fun time taking dronefies. But low-light can cause images to be quirky. If you are afraid that you might crash your drone in low vision, worry not! The drone is fitted with redundant sensors and can detect obstacles and stay clear of it. Its Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy Technology dictates the Mavic to hover at a safe level and land at the same place where it started.

All these capabilities can be controlled by a controller which is just the size of a pocket. If you are wondering about this small controller’s range, you may not be able to believe that it is 7Kms. The drone itself can travel at a maximum speed of 40 mph. So, if you are planning to take off with this, do so without hesitation!