Selfie Quotes are one of the best ways to bring in some spark to your selfie. These captions are a novel way to stay beyond your image. If you are frivolous and flippant, this is a new means to add a glint to the picture which will bring in more likes and hearts. So, why not add some flavors to your selfie and emerge as the selfie king or queen? These days selfies have become quite popular among youngsters. This has become a new way to express your creativity and your present status or mood. The more funny or cute taglines with hashtags, more trending your image will be.

Cute Instagram Selfie quotes

So, we have curated cutest Instagram captions ideas which can go well with your images. These are quired creative and will certainly add the glam quotient to your selfie.

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Instagram Captions for Friends

  • It’s so beautiful when you find a person and feel, the one I’m gonna troll this person till eternity.💫

  • Goodbyes from some people are the hardest to hear.💫

  • My best friend is gonna be the godmother of kids.💫

  • From our first crush to our first beer, we somehow made it together.💫

  • I couldn’t weave into words how immensely important our friendship means to me.💫

  • Luckiest are the people whose friends become their family.💫

  • If your best friend doesn’t enter your house like it theirs, do you have a best friend?💫

  • Memories we’re cherishing today will become stories for our future kids.💫

  • True friends tear out the sadness from your soul and seal it with smiles.💫

  • Even best friend vows can be ‘through thick and thins.’💫

  • At the farewell day, our eyes could tell those stories through our tears.💫

  • Once you are my friend, you are caught with me for life.💫

  • I promise to roast you till forever and beyond.💫

  • Why friendships fade away and leave ashes in silence behind?💫

  • Shout out to my best friend for stopping me from drunk-texting my ex for the 91999th💫

  • You uplifted my shadows when the world was letting me down.💫

  • Let them say it words, you slay with swag. 💫

  • She has politeness mixed with a little attitude. 💫

  • Let your smile spread your spark around. 💫

  • Attitude is the best outfit that makes you look confident, sexy and sassy at the same time.💫

  • My pictures are just a trailer of my perfection. You haven’t seen the movie yet. 💫


  • She prefers being a drama queen rather having a resting bitch face. 💫

  • Sometimes, a little mess adds beauty to your perfection, even a messy ponytail is better than a perfect one. 💫

  • My eyes may open a new world to you. Just look through my eyes. 💫

  • Some people have that something amazing in themselves and that something is the spark. Some create it and maybe some are born with it. 💫

  • I guess that even the most expensive outfit would be incomplete without that big toothy smile. 💫

  • Regardless, how busy you are! Never forget to capture that crazy, stupid and loving moment. 💫

  • Nah! I am not a legend. I am just an ordinary guy with super special selfie-taking skills. 💫

  • Perfection is just a lie until you get the perfect Instagram filter.

  • The perfect day to make a start lies just in dreams. A perfect start can be created only by your perfect efforts. 💫

  • Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane 💫

  • She smiles with confidence even if she is in pain 💫

  • Love was the only thing that could make him live his life again. 💫

  • Every legendary moment is not worth it if your friends are not with you. 💫

  • Better be classy and intelligent rather than beautiful and useless. 💫

Best Instagram captions

  • Kids have swag. Real men are born with a class. 💫

  • And this pretty little smile is only when she is around. 💫

  • Just become you’re not sleeping, it doesn’t mean that you should stop dreaming. 💫

  • Dreaming is an easy job. The real job is to work hard to make them the reality. 💫

  • Better be a sunflower with brightness and happiness than being a rose with beauty and thorns. 💫

  • It’s funny how things just fall into your path when you were not even finding them. 💫

  • Honey! Eat less honey, you are already sweeter than anything else. 💫

  • Lazy? Nah! I’ve just switched on my power saving mode. 💫

  • Make your life so legendary that you set an example of how to live life and seek adventure. 💫

  • She is a like rainbow. Colorful, full of positivity and hope, beautiful and absolutely perfect. 💫

  • Sometimes, I am crazy like hell and the other times, I am sleeping. Hell yeah! 💫

  • People call me crazy when they’ve only seen my level one of craziness. I wonder what would they call me after watching the real me. A psycho? YEAH! A psycho, I guess. 💫

  • Let’s make a recipe. Add a little bit sunshine of happiness, sprinkle a bit of craziness, add gallons of adventure, some scoops of friendship and care and a huge bucket of love. Your perfect life is ready to live. 💫

Cute Instagram status

  • A little bit of darkness is needed to make that glare of sun spread more happiness and satisfaction. 💫

  • There’s so much cold outside so I thought of dressing somewhat like I could spread hotness around. 💫

  • When you start losing things, you start realizing how beautiful your life was with them. 💫

  • You’re dying everyday, Everyday you’re losing a little of your life. So get in the shoes of adventure and start living a little more. 💫

  • Smile is the most beautiful thing that can hide your wounds. 💫

  • I see it. I dream it. I want it. Plus a little bit of hard work and then I get it. 💫

  • Hope is that foundation on which you build dreams and relationships. 💫

  • All the bad things you’re going through will be neglected when you’d meet that perfect person and all pain you’ve gone through would be worth it. 💫


  • Turn back and you’ll see a lot of familiar faces buzzing and bitching about you. 💫

  • Whenever I look at him I am like how can he be so cute all the time. 💫

  • A perfect picture has some of the craziest incidents and hidden memories. 💫

  • She never wanted to be a queen. She was happy being daddy’s princess. 💫

  • Being a princess is not just wearing the crown and roaming around. Being a princess has class and responsibilities clinging with the crown. 💫

  • Beauty lies with the eyes of the viewer. 💫

  • Pout is for kiddos. Real women smile with pride. 💫

  • Without the darkness, you can never see stars. 💫

  • Happy being a decent ugly girl than being a hottest dumbest crap. 💫

  • A million of people and yet I’m here with you. Co-incidence? Nah! We were destined to meet. 💫

  • Life isn’t perfect but your eyeliner can be. 💫

  • When I feel a little down, I put on my high heels and makeup and yes I find my good looks to be a reason of being happy.

  • Stop finding happiness by ruthless tricks. Create your own happiness. 💫

Best Instagram Captions For Friends


  • I love to take naps as a just for a while I can escape from my problems and dreams make me believe that there’s a better life waiting ahead.

  • If you would stop amidst this lake of feelings, you may find yourself drowning after sometime So, move on. 💫

  • A good selfie a day, keeps you popular anyway. 💫

  • I am 75% water and 25% craziness. 💫

  • Even if life falls apart and I’ve nothing with you, you still have one reason which is love. 💫

  • You could see me blushing whenever you’re around. 💫

  • Love only happens when you’re least expecting it to happen. 💫

  • Everyone somehow has some kind of beauty in them. You just need the right pair of eyes to see them. 💫

  • You’re the thought that is constantly running on my mind, heart and soul. 💫

  • Life is a long long journey and you can never live full of it. 💫


  • Embracing beauty of life is much better than constantly killing your phone screens. 💫

  • Always remember, all you have and all you may ever have is the best you deserve. 💫

  • I don’t want my story to be like anyone. I want to create a unique story with unique twists and unique surprises. 💫

  • The more problems you face, the more stronger you become. 💫

  • Let your love be a wrestler that can fight against all roughs and toughs. 💫

  • Be kind and loving. That’s what a human is supposed to be. 💫

  • Life is just like a math problem, you have thousands of ways to get to that final answer. 💫

  • You get stuck in problems, you get out of them. Life moves back to normal, a new normal. 💫

  • We are all a little weird and when you find that mutual weirdness, you would be in what we call love. 💫

  • Be like a Cuckoo. Ugly but smart enough to raise life. 💫

  • It’s the cast that make your life a blockbuster movie. 💫

  • Not every time you get to play the lead role, sometimes you need to play the supporting cast too. 💫

  • We all have that burdening baggage with us but I guess, it’s that baggage that makes us live a little better. 💫

  • Monsters turn out to be real human hidden in pain and grief. 💫

  • Attraction is just another drug but love is the real feeling. 💫

  • They’ll watch you as you fall but they won’t give a hand to pull you up. 💫

  • Money and gifts didn’t gave her that feeling that his hug did. 💫

  • Let’s be here for a good time, not for a long time. 💫

  • Luck is just another lie.

  • I am the one who can fight with the stars to create a new destiny. 💫

  • I am neither a tom boy nor a girly girl. I dress according to my mood. 💫

  • You know you’re doing right when they are criticising you. 💫

  • The best of the things you have in your life are not actually things. 💫

  • I want to get a Ted Mosby in this world full of Barney Stinson 💫

  • I want to live as much as I can until life slips away from my hands. 💫

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