Cubot always offers the best gadgets at a very reasonable price. The company is exponentially growing since the last few years. In fact, according to the sources, it is going to launch some of the most outstanding gadgets at a budgeted range in 2018 itself. If you have a look at the latest flagship, it is a mid-Ranger with all the specifications of an expensive price range.Cubot Nova ReviewWe discovered that the Cubot nova smartphone processor has been equipped with latest MediaTek6739 which ensures that it works at the highest possible speed without warming up. Furthermore, the quality camera lens, great connectivity options, and smart antenna system would certainly make you happy by investing in a gadget like this.

Cubot Nova: Design

The simple design of the phone shows the elegant part of the device. There is nothing new about the design but still attracts the most. Being a budget-oriented smartphone the design is quite good.

The curved edges and bezel-less display ravishing new look to the smartphone. Towards the back, it has the brand name written in plain simple English. Underneath, there is a little information about the brand.Cubot Nova ReviewThe back camera is accompanied with a sensor while the front camera is situated where it should for perfect selfie experience. The comfortable grip of the device is all because of the perfect screen size and width. You can accompany an anti-slip cover for a better operability and accidental fall.

Cubot Nova: Display

The 5.0 inch HD plus display makes you comfortable to watch your favorite videos while operating them from a single hand. Playing games and drowning in immersive visual is all possible with a Cubot nova high-quality screen. The displayed color is perfectly sober and subtle. We did not notice any kind of color Wash Out or inferior color quality while watching visuals.Cubot Nova ReviewThe display has the ambient sensor so even in the daylight, you can easily see the content on the screen. It will automatically reduce the brightness and let you see the content. The color are clear and even on the edges, you can see the content.

Cubot Nova: Hardware & Operating System

As already mentioned, the latest processor on which the gadget depends is MediaTek 6739. It has an internal storage of 16GB that is expandable through the mounted memory card up to 128 GB. All the credit of quick workability and smooth operation should not be given to the processor only. We noticed that 3GB Ram capacity is also one reason why the phone does not heat despite being heavily used.Cubot Nova ReviewThe multitasking of the device is also very smooth, you can easily switch between the apps. The only thing is missing is GPU unit, so that’s why you won’t be able to play the games like PUBG and all. Cubot Nova Review

The quality gadget from that runs on 8.1 Oreo operating system. We are soon expecting a further update from Google which actually doesn’t make us excited about the operating system. However, since the latest one, we have to appreciate the fact.

Cubot Nova: Connectivity

Having a 4G enabled phone is the need of the hour. It’s not only about the quality themes that you get in 4G sim cards but also the quality of connectivity that matters. It’s only through LTE network that would allow you to have best quality video chat and internet calling without any disruptions.Cubot Nova ReviewIt’s a different Technology altogether that has been exaggerated in the recent two years. The FDD / TDD – LTE Technology enabled device entertains up to 150 MBPS speed transfer. Also, there is 600 megahertz frequency band and a smart antenna system that catches maximum signals all the time.

The device has the connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0 and wi-fi as well. Now you can connect with other smartphone and exchange data like Photos, Videos, etc.

Cubot Nova: Camera

Besides fantabulous Cubot nova specifications discussed, we would like to put a little more emphasis on the camera quality of the gadget. The 13.0-megapixel rear camera clubbed with 8.0-megapixel front Shooter is more than enough for creating amiable Digital pictures. However, you have to click them up in optimal presence of light so that colors are not washed out. We will face a little trouble while shooting pictures in the dark and at night time. However, we just cannot ignore that Cubot nova is a mid-range and whatever it is giving is much more than we should expect.

Cubot Nova: Battery

Empowered with 2800 MaH battery power that can last up to 1 day has finally solved the issue of repeated charging. You can further download certain battery saving app for stopping the background applications from consuming the battery power. Also, try to keep the brightness level and data storage minimum so that your phone conveniently works in the Limited power backup it has. The quick charging Technology solves the issue of clinging your phone for hours On to the charging.

Cubot Nova: Conclusion, Price, and Availability 

The entry-level Chinese smartphone maker has given something away from the usual line up. We are once again proud to say that Cubot nova should not be mistakenly left. It has a strong connectivity feature and technical specifications that is a perk for any Tech geek. Furthermore, you get fingerprint scanner and hundreds of other features that we just cannot discuss in a single article.

Available at price of $102.99 on the GearBest. This price is only for the Pre-Sale, after pre-sale over it may be changed. So grab the deal before it gets sold.