Cubot CHEETAH 2 4G Phablet Review : Should you really buy ?


Cubot CHEETAH 2 4G Phablet Review

With the increase in the popularity of the large screen mobiles and easily affordable high-speed 4G networks, 4G Phablets are becoming one of the centres of attraction now-e-days. Many people are still confused with the term ‘Phablet’, first I want to clear that phablet is also a kind of phone, but of large screen size. Or we can simply say it’s an intermediate device between a Phone and a tablet. With the lack of interest remains in the small screen sizes phones, many companies are trying to grab this phablet market, which is growing like never before. Samsung, OPPO, Gionee, MI, Mpie and many such companies have already launched their best phablets in the market.

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Recently One of the well-known Chinese companies ‘Cubot’ has also launched its most awaited 4G Phablet in the market, Cubot CHEETAH 2. This low price phablet is packed with all kind of latest features which a large screen phone should have. But still, some people have doubt on the features and performance of this phone. So, to clear this confusion here I am giving the full review of this amazing phablet.

Design & Display :

Cubot CHEETAH 2 4G Phablet

Cubot CHEETAH 2 4G Phablet has an amazing Full HD display. It has a 5.5-inch screen which is considered as ‘entry-level phablet’. The screen resolution of this phone has 1920 x 1080 pixels. The large screen along with the full HD display together gives you the best video experience on your phone. This Cubot Cheetah 2 will enhance your HD experience to the next level. Beneath the screen, there are provisions for 16 backlights which will help to improve brightness up to 30%. The display of this phablet is of IPS type that protects your screen from any kind of accidental fall damage, which is quite necessary for these large devices.

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This Cubot Cheetah 2 will enhance your HD experience to the next level. Beneath the screen, there are provisions for 16 backlights which will help to improve brightness up to 30%. The display of this phablet is of IPS type that protects your screen from any kind of accidental fall damage, which is quite necessary for these large devices.

2.5 D curved screen
2.5 D curved screen at corner give this phablet a unique look

When we look at the appearance of this phablet, it has unique 2.5 D curved screen at the corner along with shiny shed at the back panel. Many of you may have thought that this shine will go away with time. This concern is valid and to take care this concern Cubot Company has used IMD Technology, which provides antifriction and anti-scuffing. So your phone will never fade and always give you the bright look. When you use this phablet you feel that it is quite soft and comfortable to hold.
This elegantly designed 4G Phablet is available in two colours Golden and Blue.

Operating system and Processor :

 Golden and Blue colors of Cubot Cheetah 2
Cubot CHEETAH 2 Phablet avaiable in Golden and Blue colors

This phablet runs on Android 6.0 Operating system which is quite good. One thing you should remember that after buying this, don’t try to upgrade or root this android device. Because this unlocked phablet is designed to work on especially with current OS installed.

When we talk about the processor, Cubot CHEETAH 2 4G Phablet has Octacore 1.3 GHz processor with MTK6753 64 bit chipset. This phablet has 3GB Ram and 32 GB ROM. This phone work very smoothly with its massive 3GB Ram, So one thing is for sure Moblie Gamers will love this device.

Camera and Sound :

13 MP back and 8 MP front
Amazing 13 MP back and 8 MP front camera

This phablet has 13MP back and 8 MP front cameras. The pictures captured from this 4G Phablet are of crystal clear quality. This all possible with its amazing sensors. Its rear camera has Samsung 3L8 Sensor IC and front camera has Sony IMX219 Sensor. Its back camera has all the required functions such as Touch focus, Autofocus and flashlight, which are required to take quality photographs. Low light photographs from this phablet also have good results. If you are much into selfie then its 8.0 MP front camera will never disappoint you. Both cameras are perfect in term of picture quality.

The sound is also one of the main concerns in these large screen devices. If you are not getting good and enough sound from the phablet then all your Video experience ruined. To solve this issue and providing quality sound cheetah 2 uses the AAC BOX horn, a small sound effect. So you hear only clear and loud sound.

Battery Life :

In the large screen devices, battery life is one of the crucial parts which we should look into before buying them. This phablet has 3000 mAh battery. As this is a 5.5 inch phone, so its quite sufficient for this entry-level phablet. This battery is of unremovable type. Cheetah 2’s innovative CPU Frequency technology helps control the power consumption effectively and improve the battery lifetime

Amazing Finger Print Sensor :

360 degree finger recognition
360 degree finger recognition

One of the important features of this phablet is the finger print sensor. It has large surface area with 360 degree finger recognition, which is very helpful for high recognition rate. This fingerprint sensor takes just 0.1s for unlocking your device.

Other Important features:

This phablet equipped with the latest technology. It has all the features which the latest phone should have. This GPS Enabled phablet has many sensors such as Gravity Sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, and Geomagnetic Sensor.
It’s a Dual Sim phone with 1 – Micro SIM Card Slot and1 – Nano SIM Card Slot. This phablet is very soft and light in weight, it around 0.193 kg.

Should you buy?

Cubot cheetah 2 is a feature rich, budget phone. If you are looking for a budget phablet with good looks along with all the latest features then this phone is for you. If you are much into HD movies and videos but don’t want to spend too much on the Brand like Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi, then this phablet is the best pick in today’s time.

Best place to buy:

On many e- commerce websites Cubot CHEETAH 2 4G Phablet is selling around ~ $150. The best place to buy this amazing phablet is the Gearbest. They are providing a very good discount on this phablet along with free delivery worldwide. In the flash sale from gearbest, they are selling this phablet at as low as $129.


Design & Appearance
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